Friday, March 30, 2012

beta blockers

A relatively quick keyword search for articles about members of the beta-blocker family:
(Acebutolol OR Adimolol OR Alprenolol OR Amosulalol OR Arotinolol OR Atenolol OR Befunolol OR Betaxolol OR Bevantolol OR Bisoprolol OR Bopindolol OR Bucindolol OR Bufetolol OR Bufuralol OR Bunitrolol OR Bupranolol OR Butofilolol OR Carazolol OR Cartiolol OR Carvedilol OR Celiprolol OR Cetamolol OR Coloranolol OR Cycloprolol OR Divelalol OR Draquinolol OR Espanolol OR Esmolol OR Flestolol OR Indenolol OR Labetalol OR Landiolol OR Levobetaxolol OR Levobunolol OR Levomoprolol OR Medroxalol OR Mepindolol OR Metipranolol OR Metoprolol OR Nadolol OR Nebivolol OR Nifenalol OR Nipradilol OR Oxprenolol OR Penbutolol OR Pindolol OR Practolol OR Propranolol OR Teratolol OR Tilisolol OR Timolol OR "beta blocker" OR "beta blockers" OR "beta-blocker" OR "beta-blockers" OR "beta-adrenergic blocker" OR "beta adrenergic blocker" OR "beta-adrenergic blockers" OR "beta-adrenergic blockers")