Monday, June 22, 2020

Infants and Children -- PubMed, Keywords and MeSH

(infant* OR baby OR babies OR NICU OR neonat* OR perinatal OR preemi* OR prematurity OR Premi OR premie OR premies OR preterm OR bairn* OR newborn*  OR child OR childhood* OR child's OR children OR children's OR stepchild OR stepchildren OR step-child OR step-children OR kid OR kids OR girl OR girls OR boy OR boys OR teenage* OR youth* OR youngster* OR adolescent* OR adolescence OR preschool* OR pre-school* OR kindergarten* OR "elementary school" OR "junior high" OR "middle school" OR "high school" OR high-schooler* OR elementary-school OR junior-high OR middle-school OR high-school OR juvenile* OR minors OR childhood OR pediatric* OR pediatrician* OR paediatric* OR paediatrician* OR PICU OR "Child"[Mesh] OR "Infant"[Mesh] OR "Adolescent"[Mesh] OR "Pediatrics"[Mesh] OR  "Pediatric Nurse Practitioners"[Mesh] OR "Pediatric Nursing"[Mesh] OR "Pediatric Assistants"[Mesh] OR "Hospitals, Pediatric"[Mesh] OR "Nurses, Pediatric"[Mesh] OR "Pediatric Emergency Medicine"[Mesh] OR "Transition to Adult Care"[Mesh] OR  "Psychology, Child"[Mesh]  OR  "Disabled Children"[Mesh] OR  "Dental Care for Children"[Mesh]  OR  "Homeless Youth"[Mesh] OR "Child, Adopted"[Mesh] OR "Child of Impaired Parents"[Mesh] OR "Child, Orphaned"[Mesh] OR "Only Child"[Mesh] OR "Child, Unwanted"[Mesh] OR "Child, Institutionalized"[Mesh] OR "Child, Hospitalized"[Mesh] OR "Child, Gifted"[Mesh] OR "Child, Exceptional"[Mesh] OR "Child, Abandoned"[Mesh] OR "Child Day Care Centers"[Mesh] OR "Child, Foster"[Mesh] OR "Child Nutrition Disorders"[Mesh] OR  "Battered Child Syndrome"[Mesh]  OR "Intensive Care Units, Pediatric"[Mesh] OR  "Youth Sports"[Mesh] OR  "Underage Drinking"[Mesh] )