Friday, October 30, 2020

acetazolamide - keywords

 Drug names gathered from Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

Acetazolam*  OR Asetatsoliamid* OR Asetazol*  OR 59-66-5 OR 1424-27-7 OR Acemit OR  Aceta OR Aceta-Diazol OR Acetamide OR Acetamin OR Acetariv OR Ak-Zol OR Akezol OR Avva OR AZM-Tab OR Azomid OR Carbinib OR Cetamid OR Dazamide OR Defiltran OR Diabo OR Diacarb  OR Diamox OR Diazomid OR Diluran OR Diuramid OR Diuremid  OR Diureticum OR Edemox OR Eytazox OR Glaumox OR Glaupax OR Glauseta OR Huma-Zolamide OR Hydroftal OR Iopar OR Matro OR Medene OR Novo-Zolamide OR Odemin OR Optamide OR Storzolamide OR Uramox OR Zolamox OR Zolmide

Wednesday, October 28, 2020


This strategy was compiled from terms suggested in strategies created by various other librarians.  It was composed for routine (non-exhaustive) searches.

('covid 19'/exp OR 'coronavirus disease 2019'/exp OR (('coronavirinae'/exp OR 'coronavirus infection'/de OR coronavirus*:ti,ab,kw OR 'corona virus*':ti,ab,kw OR 'pneumonia virus*':ti,ab,kw OR cov:ti,ab,kw OR ncov:ti,ab,kw) AND (outbreak:ti,ab,kw OR wuhan:ti,ab,kw OR pandemic*:ti,ab,kw OR 2019:ti,ab,kw))  OR (((coronavirus OR 'corona virus' OR 'pneumonia virus*' OR cov OR ncov) NEAR/3 (outbreak  OR wuhan  OR  new OR novel OR 2010 OR 2019 OR 19 OR 2)):ab,kw,ti)  OR covid19 OR covid-19 OR covid10 OR covid-10 OR sars-cov-2 OR sarscov-2 OR sarscov2 OR sars2 OR ncov-2019 OR ncov OR sars-coronavirus-2 OR sars-corona-virus-2 OR severe-acute-respiratory-syndrome-cov-2 OR severe-acute-respiratory-syndrome-cov2 OR mis-c OR pims-ts )

Monday, October 26, 2020

Allopurinol -- keyword

The names for allopurinol were gathered from Martindale's and the "Entry Term" list of the MeSH database entry for allopurinol

allopurinol OR 315-30-0  OR 17795-21-0  OR Allopurinol* OR Allopurynol* OR Alopurinol* OR BW-56-158 OR NSC-1390 OR BW56158 OR NSC1390 OR “BW 56 158” OR “NSC 1390” OR HPP[tiab] OR Abburic OR Abopur OR Acepurin OR Acyprin OR Aideito OR Alfadiman OR Algut OR Aligout OR Alinol OR Allgoric OR Allnol OR Allo-300-Tablinen OR allo-basan OR Allo-Efeka OR Allo-Puren OR Allo-Urik OR Allobeta OR Alloboxal OR Allocor[tiab] OR Allogut OR Allohexal OR allohexan OR Allonol OR Allop-Gry OR Allopin OR Allopranol OR Alloprin OR Allopur OR Allopurin OR alloprin OR Alloremed OR Alloric OR Alloril OR Allorin OR Allosig OR Allostad OR Allotyrol OR Allpargin OR Allupol OR Allural OR Allurase OR Alluric OR Allurit OR Alodan OR Alofar OR Aloprim OR Alopur OR Aloral OR Aloric OR Aloriv OR Alosfar OR Alositol OR Alpurase OR Alpuric OR Alpurin OR Aluline OR Aluprol OR Alur OR Alurid OR Aluron OR Alzoprim OR Anoprolin  OR Apnol OR Apo-Tinole OR Apronol OR Apulonga OR Apurin OR Apurol OR Argadopin OR Arnol OR Arramplor OR Arsol OR Arturic OR Arythmet OR Atisuril OR Aurigen OR Aurinol OR Be-Uric OR Benoxuric OR Bionol OR Bleminol OR Caplenal OR Capurate OR Cellidrin OR Cellidrine OR Chinnol OR Ciploric OR Cosuric OR Dabroson OR Darzune OR Decasurik OR Docallopu OR “dura AL” OR Edorin OR Embarin OR Epidropal OR Erinol OR Erloric OR Esloric OR Ethipurinol OR Etindrax OR Foligan OR Foligan OR Gealgica OR Gewapurol OR Gichtex OR Gotir OR Gurik OR Hamarin OR Harpagin OR Hexanurat OR Hycemia OR Isoric OR Jenapurinol OR Ketobun OR Labopurinol OR Labypurol OR Licoric OR Linogra OR Llanol OR Lo-Uric OR Lodiric OR Logout OR Lonol[tiab] OR Loporic OR Lopric OR Lopurax OR Lopurin OR Loric OR Loricid OR Lysuron OR Medoric OR Mephanol OR Milurit OR milurite OR Neufan OR Nilapur OR Novo-Purol OR novopurol OR Oloprim OR Orlu OR Petrazyc OR Ponuric OR Prinol OR Pritanol OR Prodec OR Progout OR Pureduct OR Puribel OR Puricemia OR Puricin OR Puricon OR Puricos OR Puride OR Purigan OR Purinase OR Purinol OR Purispec OR Puristen OR Puritenk OR Ranpuric OR Redurate OR Remid OR Reucid OR Riball OR Rimapurinol OR Rinolic OR roucol OR Salobel OR Sigapurol OR Sinoric OR Soluric OR Stradumel OR Suspendol OR Synol OR Synorid OR Synpurinol OR Talol OR Tipuric OR Trianol OR Tylonic OR Unizuric OR Uredimin OR Uribenz OR Urica OR Uricad OR Uricemil OR Uricmed OR Uricnol OR Uriconorm OR uridocid OR Urikoliz OR Urinol OR Uriprim OR Uripurinol OR Uritab OR Urobenyl OR Uroquad OR Urosin OR Urozyl-SR OR Urtias OR Valeric[tiab] OR Xandase OR Xanol OR Xanpurin OR Xanthomax OR Xanturic OR Xanurace OR “Z 300” OR z-300 OR Z300 OR Zilopur OR Zurim OR Zygout OR Zylapour OR Zylic OR Zylol OR Zyloprim OR Zyloric 

The following multi-word names were removed because they were "not found" by PubMed and could cause retrieval of irrelevant results

"Ao Mai Bi Li", "Colpuril A", "Lu Bi Li", "Urogotan A", "Yi Da Tong", ”pan quimica"

The following names were removed because they are used more often in the literature as terms for other concepts than they are used as brand names of allopurinol.

AL OR Allo OR Uric OR Elavil OR Marinol OR Pyrazol

fluoruracil keywords

Drug names were gathered from Martindale's and the PubMed MesH Browser's Entry Term List for fluorouracil.

Fluorouracil  OR 51-21-8 OR 5-Fluorouracil* OR 5-Fluorourasil* OR “5 Fluorouracil*” OR “5 Fluorourasil*” OR 5-FU OR 5FU OR “5 FU” OR 5-HU OR “5 HU” OR Fluorouracil* OR Fluorouracyl* OR Fluorourasiil* OR Fluorourasil* OR Fluoruracil* OR NSC-19893 OR Ro-2-9757 OR WR-69596 OR NSC19893 OR Ro29757 OR WR69596 OR “NSC 19893” OR “Ro 2 9757” OR  “Fluoro Uracile” OR “Fluoro-Uracile” OR “Fu Ke” OR “Sinofuan” OR “Zuo Ding” OR AccuSite OR Acler OR Acoflut OR Actino-Hermal OR Adrucil OR Agicil OR Apoc-5FU OR Benda OR Brixil OR Carac OR Carebin OR Cinco-Fu OR Cinkef-U OR Curacil OR Cytosafe OR Effcil OR Effluderm OR Efudex OR Efudix OR Efurix OR Fauldfluor OR Fivefluro OR Fiverocil OR Fivocil OR Fivoflu OR Flocil OR Flonida OR Florac OR Floracor OR Flucil OR Fludin OR Fluonco OR Fluonco OR Fluoracilo OR Fluoroplex OR Fluoxan OR Flurablastin OR Fluracedyl OR Fluracil OR Fluro-5 OR Fluroblastin OR Fluroblastine OR Flurodex OR Flurox OR Flusan OR Flutas OR Ftorolek OR Fucil OR Gefente OR Haemato-fu OR Haemato-FU OR Ifacil OR Ifocid OR Killit OR Kucil OR La-Fu OR Lunapon OR Neofluor OR Neugrast OR O-fluor OR Oncofluor OR Oncofu OR Oncosil OR Oncouracil OR Oncourcil OR Onkofluor OR Rhonuracil OR Ribofluor OR Tecflu OR Tolak OR Triosules OR Uflahex OR Uraciflor OR Utoral OR Utoral 

The following multi-word names for flurouracil were "not found" by PubMed and were removed to prevent retrieval of irrelevant results.

"WR 69596", "An Te Fan", "Fu Mi Te", "Fu Ruo Xin", "Fu Shi Ke", "Haemato FU", "Hua Kang Da", "Ning Lan Xin", "Pu Li Da", "Sen Ting"