Monday, December 23, 2019

Rheumatology -- EMBASE

This search strategy was created for a routine search:

('rheumatology'/exp OR 'autoimmune disease'/exp OR 'arthropathy'/exp OR ((Anti-phospholipid   OR antiphospholipid   OR antisynthetase   OR Anti-synthetase  OR Bechterew*  OR Behcet*  OR Blau* OR Caplan* OR Churg-Strauss  OR CREST OR deQuervain* OR De-Quervain* OR Ehlers-Danlos OR Farber* OR Felty*  OR Kashin-Beck  OR Larsen*  OR Marie-Strumpell  OR Nail-patella  OR PAPA OR Reiter*  OR SAPHO OR Sjoegren*  OR Sjogren* OR Still* OR Thibierge-Weissenbach  OR vibration  OR Wissler*) NEAR/3 (disease* OR syndrom*)):ab,kw,ti OR ((acromioclavicular  OR acromio-clavicular OR Ankle* OR articular  OR Articulationes OR Atlanto-Axial  OR Atlanto-Occipital  OR Bursa OR Bursal OR Capsul* OR Carpal-tunnel  OR Carpo-metacarpal OR Carpometacarpal  OR Cartilage OR cruciate OR Cubital-tunnel OR DIP OR Elbow* OR hip OR Hips OR interCarpal  OR inter-carpal OR interphalangeal OR inter-phalangeal OR intertarsal OR Inter-tarsal  OR Inter-Tarsal  OR intertarseae OR Inter-tarseae OR Intervertebral OR Inter-vertebral OR intraarticular  OR intra-articular OR joint*  OR Knee* OR Ligament* OR meniscal  OR Menisci OR Meniscial OR meniscus OR Metacarpophalangeal  OR Metacarpo-phalangeal  OR Metatarsophalangeal  OR Metatarso-phalangeal OR Patellar  OR Patellofemoral OR Patello-femoral  OR Pedicle* OR Pedicular OR periarticular OR Peri-articular OR PIP OR Plate OR plates OR Polyarticul* OR Sacroiliac OR Sacro-iliac OR Shoulder* OR Spine OR spines OR spinous OR Sternoclavicular  OR Sterno-clavicular  OR Sternocostal OR Sterno-costal OR Subtalar OR Subtalar OR Symphysis OR synovia OR synovial OR synovium OR Talo-calcaneal  OR Talocalcaneal  OR Tarsal-tunnel OR tarsometatarsal OR Tarso-metatarsal OR temporomandibular  OR Temporomandibular  OR Temporo-mandibular  OR Tendon* OR TMJ OR Wrist* OR Wrist  OR Zygapophyseal OR Zyg-apophyseal OR Zygo-apophyseal OR Zygoapophyseal) NEAR/5 (contractur*  OR cyst* OR degenerat* OR destruct*  OR disease* OR dislocat* OR dyspla* OR Edema* OR effus* OR entrap* OR haemorrhag* OR hemorrhag* OR hypertroph* OR instabilit* OR laxity OR Limitation OR limited-range-of-motion OR malform* OR necroses OR necrosis OR necrotic OR neuropathic OR nodul* OR stiffness OR sublux* OR swelling OR syndrome* OR tumor* OR unstable)):ab,kw,ti ankylosis OR ankyloses OR ankylotic OR arteriti* OR arthralgi* OR arthriti* OR arthrogrypo* OR arthropath* OR Autoimmun* OR bursiti* OR Chondrocalcino* OR Coxarthroses OR Coxarthrosis OR coxarthrotic OR Coxa-vara OR coxiti* OR Dermatomyositi* OR Gout* OR Haemarthro* OR hemarthro* OR JIA OR JRA OR lupus OR monarthriti* OR monoarthriti* OR morphea OR myastheni* OR Oligoarthriti* OR osteoarthriti* OR Osteoarthropath* OR Periarthriti* OR polyangiiti* OR Polyarteriti* OR polyarthralgi* OR polyarthriti* OR Polymyalgi* OR pseudarthr* OR pseudogout OR pseudo-gout OR RA  OR rheumatism OR rheumatoid OR Rheumatol* OR Sacroiliiti* OR Scleroderm* OR SLE OR spondylarthriti* OR Spondylarthropath* OR spondyliti* OR spondyloarthropath* OR Spondylosis OR spondyloses OR spondylotic OR synoviti* OR Systemic-sclerosis OR tenosynoviti* OR tenosynoviti* OR trigger-finger OR Vasculiti* )

social media -- EMBASE

This search was intended for a routine search:

('social media'/exp/mj OR 'altmetrics'/exp/mj OR 'crowdsourcing'/exp/mj OR (altmetric* OR Baidu-Tieba OR bbm OR bebo OR blog* OR classmates OR discussion-board* OR facebook* OR fishbrain* OR forusquare OR friendster OR geocities OR Googleplus OR hastag* OR health-2.0 OR hi5 OR instagram OR Instagram OR LinkedIn OR listserv* OR livejournal OR live-journal OR microblog* OR micro-blog* OR myspace OR orkut OR Pinterest OR pinterest OR QQ OR Qzone OR reddit OR ryze OR second-life OR sixdegrees OR Snapchat OR snapchat* OR social-media OR technoself OR techno-self OR Telegram OR Tumblr OR tweet OR tweeting OR tweeted OR Twitter OR twitter* OR Viber OR virtualself OR virtual-self OR vlog* OR web-2.0 OR wechat OR we-chat OR Weibo OR whatsapp OR wiki* OR yahoo!-360 OR yelp* OR -youtube OR you-tube OR crowd-sourc* OR "public science" OR sesh):ti OR ((cyber OR electronic OR internet OR inter-net OR online OR virtual OR web* OR WWW ) NEAR/3 (chat* OR communit* OR conversat* OR discussion OR forum* OR group* OR messag* OR networking OR posts OR posted OR posting OR share OR shared OR sharing  OR social)):ti) 

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

esketamine -- for EMBASE

Names for esketamine gathered from Martindale's and the EMTREE browser.

('esketamine'/exp OR 33643-46-8 OR 33643-47-9 OR esketami* OR 's ketamin*' OR esketiv OR ketanest OR spravato OR vesierra)

Eating disorders -- for EMBASE - keywords and EMTREE

Terms for eating disorders are narrower headings and synonyms in the EMTREE and MeSH browsers

('eating disorder'/exp OR anore* OR bulim* OR diabulim* OR binge-eating OR 'night eating' OR hyperrex* OR (induc* NEAR/3 (purg* OR vomit*)) OR phagoman* OR orthore* OR allotriophag* OR pica OR geophag* OR ((dirt OR ice) NEAR/3 (eat* OR consum*)) OR pagophag* OR trichophag* OR 'muscle dysmorph*' OR bigorex* OR vigorex* OR ((food OR feed*) NEAR/4 (aver* OR avoid* OR addict* OR neophob* OR refus*)) OR arfid OR (('food intake' OR eating OR overeat* OR feeding OR appetit* OR bing* OR purg* OR rumination) NEAR/3 (syndrom* OR disoorder* OR pathol* OR compuls*)) OR ednos OR osfed OR (athlet* NEAR/3 triad) OR (energ* NEAR/3 deficien* NEAR/3 sport*) OR RED-s OR RED-SS  OR merycism*)

Friday, December 6, 2019

succinylcholine, aka suxamethonium -- keywords

Names were gathered from Martindale's.  Brand names for single-ingredient preparations are included.

(Succinylcholin* OR “Choline Chloride Succinate” OR “Succinyl choline”  OR  Actirelax OR Anectine OR Anekcin OR Anektil OR “Brevidil M” OR Celocurin OR Celocurine OR Chlorsuccillin OR Curacit OR Curalest OR Dithylin  OR Ectinex OR Entubate OR Ethicholine OR Ethicoline OR Fosfitone OR Lycitrope OR Lysthenon OR Midarine OR Mioflex OR Myoplegine OR Myorelex OR Myotenlis OR Pantolax OR Quelicin OR Relaxin OR Scoline OR Succi OR Succicuran OR Succicurar* OR Succinil OR Succinil Colin OR succinilcolin* OR Succinolin OR Succinyl OR Succinylcholin* OR Succitrat OR Sucolidet OR Sucostrin OR Sukolin OR Suksameton* OR S├╝ksinilkolin* OR Suxamethon* OR Suxameton* OR Szuxameton* OR Uxicolin)[all]

Wednesday, December 4, 2019

stroke -- keywords

The following search was composed for a quick search (not intended for systematic reviews).
(stroke*  OR CVA* OR "cerebral vascular accident" OR "cerebrovascular accident" OR "cerebral vascular accidents" OR "cerebrovascular accidents" OR (( brain* OR brainstem* OR pons OR medulla* OR midbrain* OR cerebell* OR cerebrum* OR cerebral OR trigeminal OR limbic OR frontal OR prefrontal OR occipital OR temporal OR amyg* OR epithal* OR hippocamp* OR Hypothal* OR lacunar OR olfactor* OR parahippocamp* OR broca OR dentate OR cingul* OR neocort* OR entorhinal OR piriform OR parietal OR wernicke OR "motor cortex" OR "sensorimotor cortex" OR "olfactory cortex" OR "auditory cortex" OR "visual cortex") AND (ischem* OR ischaem* OR embol* OR thrombo* OR thrombotic OR thrombosis OR thromboses OR thrombi OR thrombus OR hemorrhag* OR haemorrhag* OR bleed* OR infarc* OR necro* )))