Tuesday, November 22, 2016

hexachlorophene -- keywords

Keywords from Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

“2,2?-Methylenebis(3,4,6-trichlorophenol)” OR 70-30-4 OR “Acerbine” OR “Anacal” OR “Bismodyne” OR “Cibis” OR “Creme Phyllis de Jeunesse” OR “Cresophene” OR “Dermalex” OR “Dermisan” OR “G-11” OR “Heksaklorofeeni” OR “Hexa Clean” OR “Hexachlorofen” OR “Hexachlorophane” OR “Hexachlorophene” OR “Hexachlorophenum” OR “Hexaclorofeno” OR “Hexadecyl” OR “Hexaklorofen” OR “Hexaphenyl” OR “Incoliquid” OR “Jabon Antiseptico Asens” OR “Lindanoxil” OR “Lotocreme” OR “Mediphon” OR “Micosan” OR “Neo Visage” OR “Permucal” OR “pHisoHex” OR “Phlogosol” OR “Pulvicrus” OR “Robusanon” OR “Rysolone” OR “S 13” OR “Salvizol” OR “Sapoderm” OR “Septonex” OR “Solarcaine” OR “Solfofil” OR “Stepin” OR “Ster-Zac” OR “Topicide” OR “Torbetol” OR “Varecort”

Additional names (acne and hemorrhoid-specific?) from Martindale:
“Acnemask” OR “Acne-Med Wolff Simplex” OR “Acnestrol” OR “Acnex” OR “Aknefug simplex” OR “Aknefug-Emulsion” OR “Aknefug-Milch simplex” OR “Aknefug-Simplex” OR “Hemorrocort” OR “Hemorroidal-H” 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Magnesium Sulfate -- keywords

The names for magnesium sulfate were derived from Martindale:  The Complete Drug Reference via LexiComp.    Only the single-ingredient preparations are included.  The brand names listed in Martindale's were checked to see if they were listed as corresponding to magnesium sulfate, a different magneisum salt or elemental magnesium.  Only those brand names listed as being a single-ingredient, magnesium sulfate preparation are included in the keyword search below.

((magnes* OR magnez* OR magnio) AND (sulphat* OR sulfat* OR siarczan )) OR magnezium-szulfat OR OR 7487-88-9 OR 10034-99-8 OR  magnesium-sul* OR magnesiumsulf* OR mgso* OR 518[tiab] OR Conducat OR  Cormagnesin OR Kest OR Magfifty OR Magnefusin OR Magneon OR Magnesulf OR Magnoston OR “Mg 10%” OR Spasmag OR Sulmetin  OR Epsom*[tiab] OR Laxeerzout OR Maglax

The following multi-word names for magnesium sulfate were "not found" by PubMed and were removed as they could cause retrieval of irrelevant results:

“sal amarum” OR “sel anglais” OR “sel de seditz” OR “siran horecnaty” OR ”FX Passage” OR “Ifupeptol Magnesiado” OR “Lasar mono” OR “Magnesium Tonil” OR “Mg 5-Sulfat” OR “Pansement Mag” OR “Retterspitz Abfuhrpulver” OR “Retterspitz Darmreinigungspulver ST” OR “Sal Amargo Purificado” OR “Tian Jia Yuan” OR “SB Laxative Mixture”