Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vitamin E -- MeSH and keyword

This search seeks to find articles with a major focus on vitamin E.  The names were gathered from the tocopherol tree in EMTREE.  Some of the listed compounds are vitamin E derivatives or Vitamin E-related.

"Vitamin E"[Majr] OR "vitamin e"[ti] OR tocopherol*[ti] OR tocopheryl*[ti] OR tocophrol*[ti] OR tocoferil*[ti] OR tocotrienol*[ti] OR "5, 7, 8 trimethyltocol"[ti] OR alpha-tocopherol*[ti] OR alpha-tocopheryl*[ti] OR alpha-tocophrol*[ti] OR alpha-tocotrienol*[ti] OR beta-tocopherol*[ti] OR beta-tocopheryl*[ti] OR beta-tocophrol*[ti] OR beta-tocotrienol*[ti] OR delta-tocopherol*[ti] OR delta-tocopheryl*[ti] OR delta-tocophrol*[ti] OR delta-tocotrienol*[ti] OR gamma-tocopherol*[ti] OR gamma-tocopheryl*[ti] OR gamma-tocophrol*[ti] OR gamma-tocotrienol*[ti] OR tocofersolan[ti] OR tocofibrate[ti] OR tocoretinate[ti] OR vatiquinone[ti] OR "aquasol e"[ti] OR "austrovit e"[ti] OR covitol[ti] OR "dagravit e"[ti] OR "dalfatol"[ti] OR "davitamon e"[ti] OR "dermorelle"[ti] OR "detulin"[ti] OR "dumovit e"[ti] OR "e ferol"[ti] OR "e perle"[ti] OR "e perte"[ti] OR "e recordati"[ti] OR "e toplex"[ti] OR "e vicotrat"[ti] OR "e vimin"[ti] OR "e vita"[ti] OR "e viterbin"[ti] OR "ecoferol"[ti] OR "efer"[ti] OR "eferol"[ti] OR "enoulan forte"[ti] OR "ephynal"[ti] OR "eplonat"[ti] OR "eprolin"[ti] OR "epsilan m"[ti] OR "epsylan m"[ti] OR "erevit"[ti] OR "erevit spofa"[ti] OR "esol"[ti] OR "esorb"[ti] OR "eterapion"[ti] OR "eviabit"[ti] OR "evigen"[ti] OR "eviol"[ti] OR "evion"[ti] OR "evit"[ti] OR "evitol"[ti] OR "godabion e"[ti] OR "gonavit"[ti] OR "hanobak"[ti] OR "ido e"[ti] OR "juvela"[ti] OR "juvele"[ti] OR "livingpherol"[ti] OR "mulsal e"[ti] OR "natopherol"[ti] OR "optovit e"[ti] OR "phytoferol"[ti] OR "pletocol"[ti] OR "socopherol"[ti] OR "spondyvit"[ti] OR "toco 500"[ti] OR tocoferolo[ti] OR "tocomine"[ti] OR "tocopherex"[ti] OR "tocophrine"[ti] OR "tocovigor"[ti] OR "tocovital"[ti] OR toferol*[ti] OR "topherol"[ti] OR "vi dom e"[ti] OR "vi e caps"[ti] OR "vi ea"[ti] OR "vi etal"[ti] OR "vibolex e"[ti] OR "vidom e"[ti] OR "viea"[ti] OR "vietal"[ti] OR "viprimol"[ti] OR "vita e gelucaps"[ti] OR "viteolin"[ti] OR "viteoline"[ti] OR "wandervit e"[ti] OR tocoquinone[ti] OR alphatocopherolquinone[ti] OR eutrophyl[ti] OR “epc k1”[ti] OR epc-k1[ti] OR “ liqui e”[ti] OR tocophersolan[ti] OR tpgs[ti] OR vedrop[ti] OR “epi 743”[ti] OR epi-743[ti] OR epi743[ti] 

Celecoxib -- keyword

Last checked in 2014.  Based on names from Martindale's:

(Celecoxib OR 169590-42- 5 OR Celecoxibum OR Celekoksyb OR Celekoxib OR Selekoksib OR Selekoksibi OR "SC-58635" OR "YM-177" OR SC58635 OR YM177 OR "SC 58635" OR "YM 177" OR Aclarex OR Artilog OR Aubrex OR Celebra OR Celact OR Celcib OR Celcox OR Celcoxx OR Celebrex OR Celecap OR Celedol OR Celemax OR Celetop OR Celexib OR Celib OR Cexb OR Cobix OR Colcibra OR Cloxib OR Coxbitor OR Coxel OR Coxoral OR Coxtenk OR Coxzan OR Dolcelox OR Eloxib OR Euroflam OR Flamar OR Flogoxib OR Icel OR Lexib OR Lincox OR Niflam OR Onsenal OR Orthocel OR Radicacine OR Ranselex OR Reumoxib OR Solexa OR Tisorek OR Ultracele OR Zycel )[all]