Wednesday, August 29, 2012

mold, fungus, yeast --keyword and MeSH

("Fungi"[Mesh] OR "Mycoses"[Mesh] OR "Mycotoxicosis"[MeSH] OR "Lung Diseases, Fungal"[Mesh] OR "mycotoxins"[mesh] OR ascomyc* OR angiospor* OR Absidi* OR Acremon* OR aflatoxin* OR Agaric* OR Agrocyb* OR Allomyc* OR Amanit* OR Apansporoblastin* OR Amblyospor* OR Antrodi* OR Arthrodermat* OR Armillari* OR Alternaria OR Alternario* OR ascus OR aspergill* OR Basidiomyc* OR Beauveria OR Brettanomyc* OR Blastocladi* OR blastomyc* OR Botrytis OR Brettanomyc* OR Byssochlamy* OR candida OR Candidemi* OR candidaemi* OR candidias* OR Chaetom* OR Chromoblastomyc* OR Chrysospor* OR Chytridiomyc* OR Cladospor* OR Clavicep* OR Coccidioid* OR Colletotrich* OR Coelomomyc* OR Conidi* OR Coprin* OR Cordycep* OR Coriolac* OR Cortinari* OR cryptococc* OR Cunninghamell* OR Debaromyc* OR Dekkera OR Dipodasc* OR Duddington* OR Cyath* OR Dermatomyc* OR Emericell* OR encephalitozoon OR Enterocytozoon OR Endomyc* OR Entomophthor* OR Eremothec* OR Eupenicill* OR Epichlo* OR Epidermophyt* OR Exophial* OR Encephalitozoono* OR Entomophthoral* OR Ergotis* OR Euroti* OR Fungemi* OR fungaemi* OR fungus[tiab] OR fungi[tiab] OR fungal[tiab] OR fusar*[TIAB] OR Fusario* OR Flammulin* OR Ganoderm* OR Geotrich* OR Gibberell* OR Glioclad* OR Glugea OR Glomeromyc* OR Grifol* OR helohani* OR Histoplasmo* OR Hyalohyphomyco* OR Hypocreal* OR Hanseniaspor* OR Hebelom* OR Helminthospor* OR Histoplasm* OR Hypocrea OR Kloecker* OR Kluyveromyc* OR Lichens OR Lobomyco* OR Lacazi* OR Laccari* OR Lentinul* OR Lipomyc* OR Loma[tiab] OR Madur*[tiab] OR Malassezi* OR Marasmi* OR Metarhiz* OR Microspor* OR Metschnikowi* OR Monasc* OR Mortierell* OR Mucor OR Mycorrhiz* OR Microspor* OR Mitospor* OR mold OR molds OR mould[tiab] OR moulds[tiab] OR monilia OR Mucoral* OR Mucormyc* OR "Mushroom Poisoning" OR mycoses OR Onygenal* OR Ophiostomatal* OR Otomyco* OR Paracoccidioidomyco* OR phaeohyphomyco* OR Piedra OR Pneumocyst* OR Pseudallesch* OR Phyllachoral* OR rhizopus OR Magnaporth* OR microfung* OR monilia* OR mycet* OR mycotox* OR mycolog* OR Paracoccidioidomyc* OR Phaeohyphomyc* OR Pityriasis OR phycomyco* OR Paecilomyc* OR Pansporablastin* OR Paracoccidioid* OR Penicillium OR Phialophor* OR Pholiot* OR Phycomyc* OR Pichi* OR Pleurot* OR Pleistophor* OR Podospor* OR Polyporac* OR Phaneroch* OR Polyporus OR Poria OR Psilocyb* OR Pycnoporus OR Pyriculari* OR Piromyc* OR mycel* OR mycosis OR mycoses OR mycotic OR Nectria OR Neocallimastigomyc* OR Neocallimastigal* OR Neosartor* OR Neotyphod* OR Neurospor* OR Nosem* OR Ophiostom* OR Pneumocystis OR Polyporal* OR Rhizoctoni* OR Rhizomucor* OR Reishi OR Rhizopus OR Rhodotorul* OR Schizophyll* OR saccharo* OR Scedospor* OR Scopulariop* OR Schizosaccharomyc* OR Sporothrix OR Stachybotrys OR Sordarial* OR Sporotricho* OR Talaromyc* OR Thermoasc* OR Torulaspor* OR Neocallimast* OR Tramet* OR Tricholom* OR Trichospor* OR Termitomyc* OR Trichoderm* OR Trichophyt* OR Trichospor* OR tinea OR ringworm* OR "athelete's foot" OR Trichosporono* OR Usnea* OR Ustilaginal* OR Ustilago OR Vittaform* OR Volvariell* OR Verticill* OR Xylarial* OR Williops* OR Yarrowi* OR yeast* OR Zygomyco* )

This is a first stab at this search.  It's composed primarily of terms from the medical subject heading trees.   It is also a portion of a 5 part "all infections" search.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

self efficacy

"self efficacy" OR self-efficacy OR "patient activation" OR "self care" OR self-care

I haven't really worked on this list.  The "patient activation" phrase came up today at work and I wanted to make a record of this phrase, which was new to me, before I forgot it.  Additions to this list are welcome, as always.

Thursday, August 23, 2012


("Cefazolin"[mesh] OR cefazolin* OR  Cefazolina OR C√©fazoline OR Cefazolinum OR Cephazolin OR Kefatsoliini OR Sefazolin OR 25953-19-9 OR Cefalomicina  OR Cefzolin OR Cellozina  OR Cezolin OR Cifoxim  OR Cilicef  OR Ciprid  OR Fazolin OR Ifizol OR Orizolin OR Ozolin OR Sefazol OR Suporin OR Zolfin OR Zolin  OR 46083  OR Cefazolinnatrium OR Cefazolino OR Cephazolin  OR Kefatsoliininatrium  OR SKF41558 OR  27164-46-1 OR Acef  OR Ancef OR Areuzolin OR Azolin OR Baktozil OR Basocef OR Biazolina OR Biocef OR Biofazolin OR Biozolin OR Brizolina OR Camil OR Caricef OR Cefabiozim OR Cefacene OR Cefacidal OR Cefadin OR Cefadrex OR Cefakes OR Cefalin OR Cefamezin OR Cefamusel  OR Cefarizon OR Cefazil OR Cefazillin OR Cefazina OR Cefazol OR Cefazole OR Cefazovit OR Ceftrat OR Cezol OR Cezolin OR Cizo OR Cloviz OR Cromezin OR Dacovo OR Daren[tiab] OR Duocef OR Elzogram OR Equizolin OR Evalin OR Fazol OR Fazolon OR Fazonil OR Fazoplex OR Filoklin OR Firmacef OR Fonvicol OR Gencefal OR Gramaxin OR Gramaxin OR Hazolin OR Iespor OR Ilozef OR Intercefal OR Intrazolina OR Intrazoline OR Izacef OR Karidina OR Kefarin OR Kefazin OR Kefazol OR Kefol OR Kefzol OR Kurgan OR Kurgan OR Lampocef OR Leklin OR Lozan OR Lupex OR Lyzolin OR Maksiporin OR Maxcep OR Nacef OR Nefazol OR Neofazol OR Novazef OR Orizolin OR Orpin OR Oryant  OR Plezolin OR Prinderin OR Ranzol OR Rebasin OR Recef OR Reflin OR Samarial OR Sefamax OR Servazolin OR Servicef OR Sicef OR Silzolin OR Stancef OR Tarfazolin OR Tasep OR Tecfazolina OR Tefazol OR Totacef OR Tranclocin OR Vifazolin OR Vianex OR Vulmizolin OR Zalulin OR Zefa OR Zepilen OR Zofadep OR Zolicef OR Zolimed OR Zolin OR Zolisint OR Zolival)  

Hyphenated and multi-word terms "not found" by PubMed that were removed to prevent retrieval of irrelvant results:
"SKF 41558"
"Cefa Resan"
"Otsuka Cez"

Drug names from MICROMEDEX -- Martindale's

tissue levels (of a drug)

((tissue OR tissues OR penetrat* OR permeat*)  AND (level* OR penetrat* OR permeat* OR concentration* OR pharmacokinetic* OR "pharmacokinetics"[sh])) 

This is a first attempt at this concept.  Suggestions, as always, are welcome.  

Individual tissue names --.e.g. bone, skin, muscle.. -- and tissue adjectives -- e.g. hepatic, osseous, ... -- could be OR'd into the tissue term list.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Gastrointestinal -- keywords

enteric OR enteral OR gastrointestinal OR intestinal OR intestine OR intestines OR gut[tiab] OR guts OR colon OR colons OR colonic OR colic OR anal OR anii OR ani OR anus OR anuses OR rectal[tiab] OR rectum OR rectums OR sigmoid OR sigmoids OR sigmoidal OR rectosigmoidal OR rectosigmoid OR cecum OR cecal OR cecums OR caecum OR caecums OR caecal OR ileum OR ilei OR ileums OR ileal OR jejunal OR jejunum OR jejuni OR jejunums OR appendix OR appendixes OR appendices OR appendiceal OR duodenum OR duodenal OR duodenums OR gastric OR stomach OR stomachs OR pylorus OR pylori OR pyloruses OR pyloric OR gastroduodenal OR pyloroduodenal OR gastrojejunal OR Jejunoileal OR colorectal OR rectoanal OR anorectal

Monday, June 25, 2012

Treatment of lice and scabies

("therapy"[sh] OR "drug resistance"[mesh] OR "Disease Management"[mesh] OR "Oils"[mesh] OR "Phytotherapy"[mesh] OR resistance OR resistant OR delous*[tiab] OR "hygiene"[mesh] OR "1,2-dibromo-3-chloropropane"[Supplementary Concept] OR "1,3-dichloro-1-propene"[Supplementary Concept] OR "1-[4-ethynylphenyl]-4-propyl-2,6,7-trioxabicyclo[2.2.2]octane"[Supplementary Concept] OR "2-dichlorobenzene"[Supplementary Concept] OR "4-dichlorobenzene"[Supplementary Concept] OR "abamectin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "acephate"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Aldicarb"[MeSH] OR "Aldrin"[MeSH] OR "Allethrin"[MeSH] OR "allosamidin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "aminocarb"[Supplementary Concept] OR "amitraz"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Anabasine"[MeSH] OR "avermectin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "azadirachtin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Azinphosmethyl"[MeSH] OR "Bacillus thuringiensis protoxin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "bendiocarb"[Supplementary Concept] OR "benzyl benzoate"[Supplementary Concept] OR "binB protein, Bacillus sphaericus"[Supplementary Concept] OR "bioallethrin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "bioresmethrin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "boric acid"[Supplementary Concept] OR "bullatacin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Carbaryl"[MeSH] OR "Carbofuran"[MeSH] OR "Chlordan"[MeSH] OR "Chlordecone"[MeSH] OR "Chlorfenvinphos"[MeSH] OR "Chlorphenamidine"[MeSH] OR "Chlorpyrifos"[MeSH] OR "cismethrin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "closantel"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Coumaphos"[MeSH] OR "cyfluthrin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "cyhalothrin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "cyhexatin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "cypermethrin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "cyromazine"[Supplementary Concept] OR "cythioate"[Supplementary Concept] OR "decamethrin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "diallyl trisulfide"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Diazinon"[MeSH] OR "Dichlorodiphenyl Dichloroethylene"[MeSH] OR "Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane"[MeSH] OR "Dichlorvos"[MeSH] OR "Dicofol"[MeSH] OR "Dimethoate"[MeSH] OR "Dimethylpolysiloxanes"[mesh] OR "dinoseb"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Disulfoton"[MeSH] OR "doramectin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Endosulfan"[MeSH] OR "Endrin"[MeSH] OR "ethion"[Supplementary Concept] OR "ammophos"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Fenitrothion"[MeSH] OR "fenoxycarb"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Fenthion"[MeSH] OR "fenvalerate"[Supplementary Concept] OR "fipronil"[Supplementary Concept] OR "fluphenacur"[Supplementary Concept] OR "fluvalinate"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Fonofos"[MeSH] OR "Heptachlor"[MeSH] OR "Heptachlor Epoxide"[MeSH] OR "heptenophos"[Supplementary Concept] OR "hydramethylnon"[Supplementary Concept] OR "imidacloprid"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Insecticide Resistance"[mesh] OR "insecticidal crystal protein, Bacillus Thuringiensis"[Supplementary Concept] OR "isofenphos"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Insecticides"[mesh] OR "Ivermectin"[MeSH] OR "jasplakinolide"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Leptophos"[MeSH] OR "linalool"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Lindane"[MeSH] OR "malaoxon"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Malathion"[MeSH] OR "methamidophos"[Supplementary Concept] OR "methidathion"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Methiocarb"[MeSH] OR "Methomyl"[MeSH] OR "Methoxychlor"[MeSH] OR "methyl demeton"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Methyl Parathion"[MeSH] OR "methylbromfenvinphos"[Supplementary Concept] OR "methyllycaconitine"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Mevinphos"[MeSH] OR "milbemycin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Monocrotophos"[MeSH] OR "n-hexanal"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Naled"[MeSH] OR "neosaxitoxin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "nonachlor"[Supplementary Concept] OR "nornicotine"[Supplementary Concept] OR "octamethyl pyrophosphoramide"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Paraoxon"[MeSH] OR "Parathion"[MeSH] OR "pentachlorobenzene"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Pentachlorophenol"[MeSH] OR "Permethrin"[MeSH] OR "phenothrin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "phenthoate"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Phorate"[MeSH] OR "phosalone"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Phosmet"[MeSH] OR "Phosphamidon"[MeSH] OR "phosphine"[Supplementary Concept] OR "phoxim"[Supplementary Concept] OR "pirimicarb"[Supplementary Concept] OR "pirimiphos methyl"[Supplementary Concept] OR "precocene II"[Supplementary Concept] OR "profenofos"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Propoxur"[MeSH] OR "Pyrethrins"[MeSH] OR "quinalphos"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Rotenone"[MeSH] OR "spinosad"[Supplementary Concept] OR "tebufenozide"[Supplementary Concept] OR "temefos"[MeSH] OR "terthienyl"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Tetrachlorvinphos"[MeSH] OR "tetramethrin"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Toxaphene"[MeSH] OR "Trichlorfon"[MeSH] OR "triflumuron"[Supplementary Concept] OR "Lice Infestations/therapy"[mesh] OR "1,2-dibromo-3-chloropropane" OR "1,3-dichloro-1-propene" OR "2-dichlorobenzene" OR "4-dichlorobenzene" OR abamectin OR acephate OR Aldicarb OR Aldrin OR Alkane* OR Allethrin OR allosamidin OR aminocarb OR amitraz OR Anabasine OR avermectin OR azadirachtin OR Azinphosmethyl OR (Bacillus thuringiensis protoxin) OR bendiocarb OR "benzyl benzoate" OR "binB" OR bioallethrin OR bioresmethrin OR "boric acid" OR bullatacin OR Carbaryl OR Carbofuran OR Chlordan OR Chlordecone OR Chlorfenvinphos OR Chlorphenamidine OR Chlorpyrifos OR cismethrin OR closantel OR Coumaphos OR cyclomethicon* OR cyfluthrin OR cyhalothrin OR cyhexatin OR cypermethrin OR cyromazine OR cythioate OR decamethrin OR "diallyl trisulfide" OR Diazinon OR "Dichlorodiphenyl Dichloroethylene" OR Dichlorodiphenyldichloroethane OR Dichlorvos OR Dicofol OR dimethicon* OR Dimethoate OR dinoseb OR Disulfoton OR doramectin OR Endosulfan OR Endrin OR ethion OR ammophos OR fenitrothion OR fenoxycarb OR Fenthion OR fenvalerate OR fipronil OR fluphenacur OR fluvalinate OR Fonofos OR Heptachlor OR Heptachlor Epoxide OR heptenophos OR hydramethylnon OR imidacloprid OR "Bacillus Thuringiensis" OR Glyceride* OR isofenphos OR Ivermectin OR jasplakinolide OR Leptophos OR linalool OR Lindane OR malaoxon OR Malathion OR methamidophos OR methidathion OR Methiocarb OR Methomyl OR Methoxychlor OR "methyl demeton" OR "Methyl Parathion" OR methylbromfenvinphos OR methyllycaconitine OR Mevinphos OR milbemycin OR Monocrotophos OR n-hexanal OR Naled OR naphtha OR neem OR neosaxitoxin OR Nix OR nonachlor OR nornicotine OR NYDA OR "octamethyl pyrophosphoramide" OR Paraoxon OR Parathion OR pentachlorobenzene OR Pentachlorophenol OR Permethrin OR phenothrin OR phenthoate OR Phorat* OR phosalone OR Phosmet OR Phosphamidon OR phosphine OR phoxim OR pirimicarb OR pirimiphos methyl OR precocene OR profenofos OR Propoxur OR Pyrethrin* OR quinalphos OR Rotenone OR spinosad OR tebufenozide OR temefos OR terthienyl OR Tetrachlorvinphos OR tetramethrin OR Toxaphene OR Trichlorfon OR triflumuron OR Carbaryl OR DDT OR insecticid* OR Malathion OR Fenthion OR Nitrile* OR Permethrin* OR Pyrethrin* OR phenothrin* OR cypermethrin* OR decamethrin* OR Acaricid* OR carbamate* OR formamide* OR insecticid* OR organochlorine* OR organophosphate* OR pesticid* OR Terpene* OR pediculocide*) AND (lice OR louse OR delous*[tiab] OR sarcoptic OR anoplura OR amblycera OR ischnocera OR Rhynocophthirina OR pediculus OR pediculidae OR pediculosis OR pediculoses OR "Pediculus"[mesh] OR scabies OR "Scabies"[mesh] OR (( "Mite Infestations"[mesh] OR "Sexually Transmitted Diseases/parasitology"[Mesh] OR "Skin Diseases/parasitology"[Mesh] OR infest*) AND (dermatosis OR dermatoses OR dermatologic OR dermal OR epidermal OR epidermis OR skin OR skins OR intraepidermal OR intradermal OR intra-epidermal OR intra-dermal OR cutaneous OR cutis OR ectoparasitosis OR ectoparasitoses)) OR ectoparasitosis OR ectoparasitoses) NOT (myia*[ti] OR leishmania*[ti])

failure to thrive -- MeSH and keywords

("Failure to Thrive"[MeSH] OR "failure to thrive" OR (falter* AND Grow*))

Thyroid storm -- keywords and MeSH

"thyroid storm" OR "thyroid crisis" OR "thyroid storms" OR "thyroid crises" OR (thyrotoxicos* AND (storm OR storms OR crises OR crisis OR emergen*)) OR "Thyroid Crisis"[MeSH] OR  ("Thyrotoxicosis"[MeSH]  AND (storm OR storms OR crisis OR crises OR emergen*))