Wednesday, August 25, 2010

water (environmental water) -- keyword and MeSH

("ground water"[tiab] OR "water table"[tiab] OR "well water"[tiab] OR "city water"[tiab] OR "water supply"[tiab] OR river*[tiab] OR lake*[tiab] OR groundwater[tiab] OR "ground water"[tiab] OR leach[tiab] OR leaches[tiab] OR leached[tiab] OR leaching[tiab] OR leachate*[tiab] OR catchment OR basin[tiab] OR sewer[tiab] OR sludge[tiab] OR "grey water" OR "gray water" OR wastewater*[tiab] OR creek*[tiab] OR estuar*[tiab] OR gulf[tiab] OR gulfs[tiab] OR ocean*[tiab] OR ((water OR waters) AND (canal[tiab] OR canals[tiab])) OR inlet[tiab] OR inlets[tiab] OR pond[tiab] OR ponds[tiab] OR sewage[tiab] OR sewer*[tiab] OR sea[tiab] OR seas[tiab] OR rain[tiab] OR rains[tiab] OR rainwater*[tiab] OR "surface water" OR "surface waters" OR snow[tiab] OR snows[tiab] OR "Water Pollution"[Mesh] OR "Water Purification"[Mesh] OR "Water Supply"[Mesh] OR "Water Pollutants"[Mesh] OR "Water Microbiology"[Mesh] OR "Fresh Water"[Mesh] OR freshwater*)

consider ORing in the following:
("Geologic Sediments"[Mesh] OR sediment* OR biota* OR biotum[tiab] NOT ("erythrocyte sedimentation rate" OR "urinary sediment" OR "urinary sedimentation"))

Steroids -- keyword and MeSH strategy

This search statement was produced by ORing together several steroid MeSH headings and the keywords corresponding to steroids/steroid/steroidal and all the narrower headings under "steroids"[mesh] as keywords. At least I tried to include all of the narrower headings -- can't guarantee that I was successful.

("steroids"[mesh] OR "Glucocorticoids "[Pharmacological Action] OR "Glucocorticoids"[Mesh] OR "Adrenal Cortex Hormones"[Mesh] OR adrenalcorticoid* OR androstane* OR androsten* OR cardanolide* OR cholen* OR cholic OR cholestan* OR cholesten* OR spirostan* OR sterol* OR cyclosteroid* OR estran* OR gonane* OR homosteroid* OR testolacton* OR hydroxysteroid* OR ketosteroid* OR ketosteroid* OR norsteroid* OR norandrostan* AND norpregnan* OR pregnane* OR pregnanol* OR pregnatri* OR Pregnen* OR tetrahydrocort* OR sapogenin* OR secosteroid* OR "vitamin D" OR cholecalciferol OR hydroxycholecalciferol* OR ergocalciferol* OR "hydroxyvitamin D" OR dihydrotachysterol OR chlormadinone* OR cyproteron* OR steroid OR steroids OR steroidal OR corticosteroid* OR Glucocorticosteroid* OR Betamethasone OR Budesonide OR clobetasol OR Cortisone OR Dexamethasone OR diflucortolon* OR fludrocortisone OR flumethason* OR fluocinolon* OR fluocinonid* OR flucortolon* OR fluorometholon* OR fluoxymesteron* OR fluprednisolon* OR flurandrenolon* OR flurogeston* OR flunisolide OR fluticasone OR azasteroid* OR finasterid* OR Hydrocortisone OR Methylprednisolone OR Methyl-prednisolone OR mometasone OR Paramethasone OR Prednisolone OR Prednisone OR Rimexolone OR Triamcinolone OR Dimethisterone OR Ethisterone OR Canrenoate OR Canrenone OR Danazol OR Desoximetasone OR Dydrogesterone OR Fluocortolone OR Medrogestone OR Megestrol OR Melengestrol OR Pregnadienediol* OR Pregnadienetriol* OR Beclomethasone OR Desonide OR Aldosterone OR Dihydroprogesterone OR Alfaxalone OR Alfadolone OR Norpregnadiene* OR Promegestone OR Norpregnatriene* OR Estradiol* OR Mestranol OR Quinestrol OR Norgestrienone OR Gestrinone OR Norpregnene* OR Desogestrel OR Ethylestrenol OR Ethynodiol OR Gestonorone OR Lynestrenol OR Norethandrolone OR Norethindrone OR Norethynodrel OR Norgestrel OR Levonorgest* OR Norprogest* OR Androsterone OR Dehydroepiandroster* OR Equilenin OR Equilin OR Estrone OR Hydroxyestrone* OR Etiocholanolone OR Allylestrenol OR Epimestrol OR Estramustine OR Estriol OR Estetrol OR Metribolone OR Mifepristone OR Nandrolone OR Trenbolone OR Adosterol OR Calcifediol OR Dihydroxycholecalciferol* OR "Dihydroxyvitamin D" OR Calcitriol OR Cholesterol OR Iodocholesterol OR Azacosterol OR Dehydrocholesterol* OR Desmosterol OR Hydroxycholesterol* OR Ketocholesterol* OR Fusidic OR Lanosterol* OR Phytosterol* OR Ecdysteroid* OR Ergosterol OR Withanolide* OR Sitosterol* OR Stigmasterol* OR Solanine OR Diosgenin OR Cholestadiene* OR Cholestadienol* OR ecdysone OR Ecdysterone OR Cholate* OR Dehydrocholic OR Deoxycholic OR Chenodeoxycholic OR Glycochenodeoxycholic OR Taurochenodeoxycholic OR Glycodeoxycholic OR Taurodeoxycholic OR Ursodeoxycholic OR Glycocholic OR Lithocholic OR Taurolithocholic OR Taurocholic OR Digitalis OR Digitonin OR Digitoxin OR Digoxin OR Lanatoside* OR Proscillaridin OR Strophanthin* OR Cymarine OR Ouabain OR Acetyldig* OR Medigoxin OR Deslanoside* OR Androstadiene* OR Methandrostenolone* OR Androstatriene* OR Cyanoketone OR Testosterone* OR Epitestosterone OR Androstenediol OR Methandriol OR Dihydrotestosterone OR Mesterolone OR Oxandrolone OR Oxymetholone OR Pancuronium OR Stanozolol OR Vecuronium OR Corticosterone OR Cortodoxone OR Desoxycorticosterone OR Halcinonide OR Progesterone OR Hydroxypregnenolone OR Spironolactone)

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

conflict of interest -- mesh and keyword search

Jeannine Cyr Gluck, MLS, AHIP generously contributed the following search statement which is designed to achieve a good balance between retrieval of relevant records and exclusion of irrelevant records.

conflict of interest[mh] OR "conflict of interest"[tiab] OR "conflicts of interest"[tiab] OR "conflict of interests"[tiab] OR "conflicting interest"[tiab] OR "conflicting interests"[tiab] OR "competing interest"[tiab] OR "competing interests"[tiab] OR “financial conflict”[tiab] OR “financial conflicts”[tiab] OR “commercial conflicts”[tiab] OR ((“conflict”[tiab] OR “conflicts”[tiab] OR funding[tiab] OR financial[ti]) AND (“disclosure”[tiab] OR “disclosures”[tiab] OR “disclose”[tiab] OR “disclosed”[tiab]))

The [ti] tag rather than a [tiab] tag is used with "financial" to eliminate retrieval of many irrelevant abstracts which ended with a statement of the author's financial disclosures.