Thursday, January 31, 2019

Non-surgical, patient-produced specimens - keywords

A search requester was interested in knowing how a particular analytic technique worked on various non-surgical, clinical specimens.  This was the list of specimen terms that interested the search requester:

blood OR serum OR sera OR urin* OR plasma* OR saliva* OR csf OR "cerebrospinal fluid" OR sputum OR sputa OR feces OR stool OR cerumen OR tears OR "breast milk" OR "human milk" OR "patient specimen" OR "patient specimens" OR "patient sample" OR "patient samples"

Other terms, samples might of course be of interest to others:
clinical specimen/s, clinical sample/s, sweat, synovial fluid, vitreous fluid, lymph, nasal mucus, bile, pancreatic juices, gastric juices, stomach content, vomitus, etc., etc.

Cost - keywords

Some keywords to consider including in cost-related searches:

cost* OR charg* OR expens* OR expenditure* OR budget* OR economic* OR money* OR dollar* OR invest OR invests OR investment* OR investing OR invested OR roi OR euros OR financ* OR expenditur* OR fund* OR disbursement* OR pay* OR bills OR billed OR billing OR price* OR inexpensive* OR extravagan* OR afford* OR discount* OR fiscal OR disburs* OR fee OR fees OR tariff* OR barter* OR tab OR wages OR value OR outlay OR wholesale* OR retail* OR capital OR earn* OR lucre* OR proceeds OR profit* OR revenue* OR assets OR cash* OR saving* OR cheap* OR deficit* OR spend* OR mortgag* OR underwrit* OR dividend* OR bankroll* OR donat* OR reimburs* OR recompens* OR compensat*  OR indemnif* OR remunerat* OR repay* OR currenc* OR wherewithall* OR refund* OR 'break even' OR 'in the red' OR 'in the green' OR debt* OR loan* OR debit* OR credit* OR bankrupt* OR overhead* OR 'bottom line' OR 'out of pocket' OR forfeit* OR tax* OR depreciat* OR dues OR profligat* OR overpric* OR prodigal* OR brib*