Friday, August 12, 2016

anti-infective agents -- subject heading and keyword

This is an attempt to compose a subject heading/keyword search for articles focusing on anti-infective agents.  This is not a comprehensive search.  It, none the less, took some time to compose and I don't want to lose it so I'm storing it here.  I may work on a more comprehensive version later.  The generic, anti-infective agent names are from the AHFS DI (I'm not guaranteeing that all names listed in the AHFS DI are included here).

"Antibiotic Prophylaxis"[Mesh]  OR "Anti-Infective Agents"[Mesh] OR "Anti-Infective Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR  antibact*[ti] OR “anti bacterial”[ti] OR antimicrob*[ti] OR “anti microbial”[ti] OR antibiot*[ti] OR “anti biotic”[ti] OR antivir*[ti] OR “anti viral”[ti] OR antifung*[ti] OR “anti fungal”[ti] OR antipara*[ti] OR amphotericin[ti] OR “anti parasit*”[ti] OR “anti viral*”[ti] OR amantadine[ti] OR rimantadine[ti] OR adamantanes[ti] OR amebicides[ti] OR iodoquinol[ti] OR paromomycin[ti] OR aminoglycosides[ti] OR amikacin[ti] OR kanamycin[ti] OR streptomycin[ti] OR aminopenicillin*[ti] OR amoxicillin[ti] OR ampicillin[ti] OR augmentin[ti] OR sulbactam[ti] OR anthelmintic*[ti] OR albendazole[ti] OR ivermectin[ti] OR mebendazole[ti] OR praziquantel[ti] OR pyrantel[ti] OR bacitracin[ti] OR besifloxacin[ti] OR ciprofloxacin[ti] OR doxycycline[ti] OR erythromycin[ti] OR gatifloxacin[ti] OR levofloxacin[ti] OR minocycline[ti] OR moxifloxacin[ti] OR ofloxacin[ti] OR polymyxin[ti] OR sulfacetamide[ti] OR tobramycin[ti] OR clindamycin[ti] OR gentamicin[ti] OR mupirocin[ti] OR neomycin[ti] OR retapamulin[ti] OR tetracyclines[ti] OR antifungal*[ti] OR natamycin[ti] OR griseofulvin[ti] OR clioquinol[ti] OR “gentian violet”[ti] OR undecylen*[ti] OR “carbol fuchsin”[ti] OR antimalarial*[ti] OR artemether[ti] OR lumefantrine[ti] OR atovaquone[ti] OR proguanil[ti] OR chloroquine[ti] OR hydroxychloroquine[ti] OR mefloquine[ti] OR primaquine[ti] OR pyrimethamine[ti] OR quinine[ti] OR antiprotozoal*[ti] OR metronidazole[ti] OR miltefosine[ti] OR nitazoxanide[ti] OR pentamidine[ti] OR tinidazole[ti] OR antiretroviral*[ti] OR antituberculosis[ti] OR aminosalicylic[ti] OR bedaquiline[ti] OR capreomycin[ti] OR cycloserine[ti] OR ethambutol[ti] OR ethionamide[ti] OR isoniazid[ti] OR pyrazinamide[ti] OR rifabutin[ti] OR rifampin[ti] OR rifapentine[ti] OR antiviral*[ti] OR trifluridine[ti] OR docosanol[ti] OR penciclovir[ti] OR foscarnet[ti] OR azoles[ti] OR fluconazole[ti] OR isavuconazonium[ti] OR itraconazole[ti] OR posaconazole[ti] OR voriconazole[ti] OR clotrimazole[ti] OR econazole[ti] OR efinaconazole[ti] OR ketoconazole[ti] OR luliconazole[ti] OR miconazole[ti] OR oxiconazole[ti] OR sertaconazole[ti] OR sulconazole[ti] OR terconazole[ti] OR tioconazole[ti] OR butoconazole[ti] OR carbapenem*[ti] OR doripenem[ti] OR ertapenem[ti] OR imipenem[ti] OR cilastatin[ti] OR meropenem[ti] OR cephalosporin*[ti] OR cephamycin*[ti] OR chloramphenicol[ti] OR cefotetan[ti] OR cefoxitin[ti] OR ceftaroline[ti] OR cefadroxil[ti] OR cefazolin[ti] OR cephalexin[ti] OR cefepime[ti] OR “polymerase inhibitor*”[ti] OR simeprevir[ti] OR “protease inhibitor*”[ti] OR “replication inhibitor*”[ti] OR daclatasvir[ti] OR ledipasvir[ti] OR sofosbuvir[ti] OR ombitasvir[ti] OR paritaprevir[ti] OR ritonavir[ti] OR dasabuvir[ti] OR enfuvirtide[ti] OR maraviroc[ti] OR dolutegravir[ti] OR elvitegravir[ti] OR cobicistat[ti] OR raltegravir[ti] OR “integrase inhibitor*”[ti] OR delavirdine[ti] OR efavirenz[ti] OR etravirine[ti] OR nevirapine[ti] OR rilpivirine[ti] OR “reverse transcriptase inhibitor*”[ti] OR abacavir[ti] OR didanosine[ti] OR emtricitabine[ti] OR lamivudine[ti] OR stavudine[ti] OR tenofovir[ti] OR zidovudine[ti] OR atazanavir[ti] OR darunavir[ti] OR fosamprenavir[ti] OR indinavir[ti] OR lopinavir[ti] OR nelfinavir[ti] OR saquinavir[ti] OR tipranavir[ti] OR ciclopirox[ti] OR lincomycin*[ti] OR “anti infective*”[ti] OR antibacterial*[ti] OR antimycobacterial*[ti] OR clofazimine[ti] OR dapsone[ti] OR echinocandin[ti] OR anidulafungin[ti] OR caspofungin[ti] OR micafungin[ti] OR aztreonam[ti] OR oseltamivir[ti] OR peramivir[ti] OR zanamivir[ti] OR “neuraminidase inhibitor*”[ti] OR acyclovir[ti] OR adefovir[ti] OR cidofovir[ti] OR entecavir[ti] OR famciclovir[ti] OR ganciclovir[ti] OR ribavirin[ti] OR telbivudine[ti] OR valacyclovir[ti] OR valganciclovir[ti] OR “nucleoside inhibitor*”[ti] OR linezolid[ti] OR tedizolid[ti] OR cefdinir[ti] OR cefditoren[ti] OR cefixime[ti] OR cefotaxime[ti] OR cefpodoxime[ti] OR ceftazidime[ti] OR avibactam[ti] OR ceftibuten[ti] OR ceftolozane[ti] OR tazobactam[ti] OR ceftriaxone[ti] OR “co trimoxazole”[ti] OR sulfadiazine[ti] OR sulfasalazine[ti] OR sulfonamide*[ti] OR cefaclor[ti] OR cefprozil[ti] OR cefuroxime[ti] OR rifamycin*[ti] OR rifaximin[ti] OR flucytosine[ti] OR colistimethate[ti] OR monobactam*[ti] OR nystatin[ti] OR penicillin*[ti] OR dicloxacillin[ti] OR nafcillin[ti] OR oxacillin[ti] OR azithromycin[ti] OR clarithromycin[ti] OR fidaxomicin[ti]

'antiinfective agent'/exp  OR antibact*:ti OR 'anti bacterial':ti OR antimicrob*:ti OR 'anti microbial':ti OR antibiot*:ti OR 'anti biotic':ti OR antivir*:ti OR 'anti viral':ti OR antifung*:ti OR 'anti fungal':ti OR antipara*:ti OR amphotericin:ti OR 'anti parasit*':ti OR 'anti viral*':ti OR amantadine:ti OR rimantadine:ti OR adamantanes:ti OR amebicides:ti OR iodoquinol:ti OR paromomycin:ti OR aminoglycosides:ti OR amikacin:ti OR kanamycin:ti OR streptomycin:ti OR aminopenicillin*:ti OR amoxicillin:ti OR ampicillin:ti OR augmentin:ti OR sulbactam:ti OR anthelmintic*:ti OR albendazole:ti OR ivermectin:ti OR mebendazole:ti OR praziquantel:ti OR pyrantel:ti OR bacitracin:ti OR besifloxacin:ti OR ciprofloxacin:ti OR doxycycline:ti OR erythromycin:ti OR gatifloxacin:ti OR levofloxacin:ti OR minocycline:ti OR moxifloxacin:ti OR ofloxacin:ti OR polymyxin:ti OR sulfacetamide:ti OR tobramycin:ti OR clindamycin:ti OR gentamicin:ti OR mupirocin:ti OR neomycin:ti OR retapamulin:ti OR tetracyclines:ti OR antifungal*:ti OR natamycin:ti OR griseofulvin:ti OR clioquinol:ti OR 'gentian violet':ti OR undecylen*:ti OR 'carbol fuchsin':ti OR antimalarial*:ti OR artemether:ti OR lumefantrine:ti OR atovaquone:ti OR proguanil:ti OR chloroquine:ti OR hydroxychloroquine:ti OR mefloquine:ti OR primaquine:ti OR pyrimethamine:ti OR quinine:ti OR antiprotozoal*:ti OR metronidazole:ti OR miltefosine:ti OR nitazoxanide:ti OR pentamidine:ti OR tinidazole:ti OR antiretroviral*:ti OR antituberculosis:ti OR aminosalicylic:ti OR bedaquiline:ti OR capreomycin:ti OR cycloserine:ti OR ethambutol:ti OR ethionamide:ti OR isoniazid:ti OR pyrazinamide:ti OR rifabutin:ti OR rifampin:ti OR rifapentine:ti OR antiviral*:ti OR trifluridine:ti OR docosanol:ti OR penciclovir:ti OR foscarnet:ti OR azoles:ti OR fluconazole:ti OR isavuconazonium:ti OR itraconazole:ti OR posaconazole:ti OR voriconazole:ti OR clotrimazole:ti OR econazole:ti OR efinaconazole:ti OR ketoconazole:ti OR luliconazole:ti OR miconazole:ti OR oxiconazole:ti OR sertaconazole:ti OR sulconazole:ti OR terconazole:ti OR tioconazole:ti OR butoconazole:ti OR carbapenem*:ti OR doripenem:ti OR ertapenem:ti OR imipenem:ti OR cilastatin:ti OR meropenem:ti OR cephalosporin*:ti OR cephamycin*:ti OR chloramphenicol:ti OR cefotetan:ti OR cefoxitin:ti OR ceftaroline:ti OR cefadroxil:ti OR cefazolin:ti OR cephalexin:ti OR cefepime:ti OR 'polymerase inhibitor*':ti OR simeprevir:ti OR 'protease inhibitor*':ti OR 'replication inhibitor*':ti OR daclatasvir:ti OR ledipasvir:ti OR sofosbuvir:ti OR ombitasvir:ti OR paritaprevir:ti OR ritonavir:ti OR dasabuvir:ti OR enfuvirtide:ti OR maraviroc:ti OR dolutegravir:ti OR elvitegravir:ti OR cobicistat:ti OR raltegravir:ti OR 'integrase inhibitor*':ti OR delavirdine:ti OR efavirenz:ti OR etravirine:ti OR nevirapine:ti OR rilpivirine:ti OR 'reverse transcriptase inhibitor*':ti OR abacavir:ti OR didanosine:ti OR emtricitabine:ti OR lamivudine:ti OR stavudine:ti OR tenofovir:ti OR zidovudine:ti OR atazanavir:ti OR darunavir:ti OR fosamprenavir:ti OR indinavir:ti OR lopinavir:ti OR nelfinavir:ti OR saquinavir:ti OR tipranavir:ti OR ciclopirox:ti OR lincomycin*:ti OR 'anti infective*':ti OR antibacterial*:ti OR antimycobacterial*:ti OR clofazimine:ti OR dapsone:ti OR echinocandin:ti OR anidulafungin:ti OR caspofungin:ti OR micafungin:ti OR aztreonam:ti OR oseltamivir:ti OR peramivir:ti OR zanamivir:ti OR 'neuraminidase inhibitor*':ti OR acyclovir:ti OR adefovir:ti OR cidofovir:ti OR entecavir:ti OR famciclovir:ti OR ganciclovir:ti OR ribavirin:ti OR telbivudine:ti OR valacyclovir:ti OR valganciclovir:ti OR 'nucleoside inhibitor*':ti OR linezolid:ti OR tedizolid:ti OR cefdinir:ti OR cefditoren:ti OR cefixime:ti OR cefotaxime:ti OR cefpodoxime:ti OR ceftazidime:ti OR avibactam:ti OR ceftibuten:ti OR ceftolozane:ti OR tazobactam:ti OR ceftriaxone:ti OR 'co trimoxazole':ti OR sulfadiazine:ti OR sulfasalazine:ti OR sulfonamide*:ti OR cefaclor:ti OR cefprozil:ti OR cefuroxime:ti OR rifamycin*:ti OR rifaximin:ti OR flucytosine:ti OR colistimethate:ti OR monobactam*:ti OR nystatin:ti OR penicillin*:ti OR dicloxacillin:ti OR nafcillin:ti OR oxacillin:ti OR azithromycin:ti OR clarithromycin:ti OR fidaxomicin:ti