Monday, March 8, 2021

Zidovudine - keywords

 Names for zidovudine were gathered from Martindale:  The Complete Drug Reference via LexiComp.

zidovudin* OR Atsidotymidi* OR Azidodeoxythymidin* OR Azidothymidin* OR Azidotimidin* OR Azydotymidyn* OR AZT OR Tsidovudi* OR Zidovudin* OR Zydowudyn* OR 30516-87-1 OR Ai-Jian OR Ambrodil OR Antivir OR Azetavir OR Azidina OR Azimitem OR  Azoazol OR Azotine OR Azovir OR BW-509U OR BW509U OR BW-A509U OR BWA509U OR Crisazet OR Ding-Te OR Dipedyne OR Dizovin OR Dozra OR Enper OR Exovir OR FeiTe OR He-Pu-Ren OR Hivalase OR Iduvo OR Isadol OR JiuLi OR Ke-Ai-Si OR Kedu OR Na-Xin-De OR Novavir OR Novo-AZT OR Pranadox OR Produvir OR Pu-Xi-Ding OR Qi-Luo-Ke OR Retrovir OR Revirax OR Serovidina OR T-ZA OR Thymazide OR Timivudin OR TO-Vir OR Viro-Z OR Viroclon OR Virocomb OR Virotec OR Virozid OR Virustat OR Wei-Nuo OR Zetrotax OR Zidic-C OR Zidis OR Zidix OR Zido-H  OR Zidoh OR Zidomat OR Zidorex OR Zidovir OR Zidovirine OR Zidovusan OR Zidrevir OR Ziduvine OR Zilion OR Zivir OR Zorpex OR Zydowin OR Zynaraam



The following were removed because they retrieved they retrieve too many irrelevant results  (in PubMed, “Compound-s” retrieves “compound’s”)

APO, Compound-S