Thursday, June 13, 2019

Diazepam -- keywords

Names for diazepam were taken from Martindale's

Diazepam* OR Diatsepaam* OR  439-14-5 OR LA-III OR LAIII OR NSC-77518 OR NSC77518 OR Ro-5-2807 OR Ro52807 OR Wy-3467 OR Wy3467 OR Alboral OR Aliseum OR Alupram OR Alzepam OR Aneurol OR Ansilive OR Ansiolin OR Antenex OR Anxicalm OR Anxiol OR Anxol OR Apaurin OR Apollonset OR Apozepam OR Arzepam OR "Aspaserine B6 Tranq" OR Assival OR Atarviton OR Atensine OR AT-V OR Azepam OR A-Zerax OR Benzopin OR Benzyme OR Betapam OR Bialzepam OR Calmaven OR Calmigen OR Calmipam OR Calmociteno OR Calmod OR Calmpose OR Camrelease-TR OR Cercine OR Compaz OR Complutine OR  Cuadel OR Daiv OR Dalpam OR Dezepan OR Diacepam OR Diaceplex OR Diaclam OR Diactal OR Diadon OR Dialar OR Diamed OR Diano OR Diapam OR Diapanil OR Diapax OR Diapine OR Diapo OR Diaquel OR Diastat OR Diatex OR Diaz OR Diaze OR Diazecalm OR Diazefast OR Diazelong OR Diazem OR Diazemuls OR Diazep OR Diazepan OR Diazepion OR Diazetop OR "Dicepin B6" OR Dienpax OR Dienzepax OR Dilium OR Dimed OR Dipam OR Dipax OR Dipezona OR Direc-2 OR Disopam OR Ditran OR Divopan OR Dizac OR Dizan OR Dizep OR Dizepam OR Dizep-P OR Dizzepam OR Doval OR D-Pam OR Drenian OR Ducene OR duradiazepam OR Dynapam OR DZP2 OR Elcion OR Elongal OR Eridan OR Ethipam OR Evacalm OR Fabotranil OR Farmin OR Faustan OR Freudal OR Gewacalm OR Glutasedan OR Gobanal OR Hexalid OR Horizon OR Ifa-Fonal OR Imepas OR Juniz OR Kiatrium OR Kratium OR Lakpam OR Lamra OR Laxyl OR Lembrol OR Letansil OR Lizan OR Lori OR Mandro-Zep OR Manodiazo OR Manolium OR Medipam OR Med-Zepam OR Menostress OR Mentalium OR Metamidol OR Meval OR Micronoan OR Monozide OR Mozepam OR Neorelium OR Nerolid OR Nervium OR "Neurocefal Tranqui" OR Neurolytril OR Nivalen OR Nixtensyn OR Noan OR Novazam OR Novo-Dipam OR Onapan OR Ortopsique OR Paceum OR Pacinax OR Paciquil OR Pacium OR Pam OR Pamizep OR Pax OR Paxabel OR Paxate OR Paxum OR Pazolini OR Placidox OR Plidan OR "Plidex T" OR Podium OR Popam OR Prizem OR Propam OR Pro-Pam OR Prozepam OR Psicotop OR Psychopax OR Psychopax OR Ranzepam OR Rayne OR Rec-DZ OR Relanium OR Relapax OR Relasan OR Relazepam OR Relium OR Relsed OR Reval OR Rimapam OR Ropam OR Rupediz OR Santiazepam OR Saromet OR Scriptopam OR Scripto-Pam OR Sedapam OR Sediver OR "Sedonervil Complex" OR Seduxen OR Seduxen OR Seduxen  OR Seredyn OR Serenamin OR Sibazon  OR "Sico Relax" OR Sipam OR Solis OR Somaplus OR Stedon OR Stesolid OR Sunzepan OR Synium OR Talema OR Tandial OR Telsomet OR Tensium OR T-Quil OR Tranject OR Trankil OR Tranolan OR Tranquase OR Tranquirit OR Tranquo OR Trazep OR Umbrium OR "Uni Diazepax" OR Unisedil OR "V Day Zepam" OR Valax OR Valaxona OR Valclair OR Valdimex OR Valencia OR Valenium OR Valiquid OR Valisanbe OR Valitran OR Valium OR Valix OR Valocordin-Diazepam OR Valpam OR Valrelease OR Valzepam OR Vanzor OR Vason OR Vatran OR Vescopam OR Vetansil OR Vexepam OR Vincosedan OR Vispam OR Vival OR Vivol OR Vomed OR Vorapam OR Winopam OR Zam OR Zepam OR Zepan OR Zepaxid OR Zepose OR Zeprat OR Zetran OR Zopam

Pediatric (for EMBASE) -- EMTREE, limits, keywords

The following is an initial stab at an EMBASE search for the pediatric concept.  The strategy was created for a routine (non-exhaustive) search.  The pink portion of the strategy would not be appropriate for all searches.

([adolescent]/lim OR [child]/lim OR [infant]/lim OR [newborn]/lim OR ('juvenile'/exp NOT ('juvenile animal'/exp OR 'juvenile plant'/exp)) OR 'childhood'/exp OR 'adolescence'/exp OR 'pediatric intensive care unit'/exp OR 'neonatal intensive care unit'/exp OR 'pediatric hospital'/exp OR 'pediatric nurse'/exp OR 'pediatric advanced life support'/exp OR 'pediatrics'/exp OR 'pediatric ward'/exp OR infant*:ab,kw,ti OR baby:ab,kw,ti OR babies:ab,kw,ti OR nicu:ab,kw,ti OR neonat*:ab,kw,ti OR perinatal:ab,kw,ti OR preemi*:ab,kw,ti OR prematurity:ab,kw,ti OR premi:ab,kw,ti OR premie:ab,kw,ti OR premies:ab,kw,ti OR preterm:ab,kw,ti OR newborn*:ab,kw,ti OR child:ab,kw,ti OR child$s:ab,kw,ti OR children:ab,kw,ti OR children$s:ab,kw,ti OR stepchild:ab,kw,ti OR stepchildren:ab,kw,ti OR 'step child':ab,kw,ti OR 'step children':ab,kw,ti OR kid:ab,kw,ti OR kids:ab,kw,ti OR girl:ab,kw,ti OR girls:ab,kw,ti OR boy:ab,kw,ti OR boys:ab,kw,ti OR teenage*:ab,kw,ti OR youth*:ab,kw,ti OR youngster*:ab,kw,ti OR adolescent*:ab,kw,ti OR adolescence:ab,kw,ti OR preschool*:ab,kw,ti OR 'pre school*':ab,kw,ti OR kindergarten*:ab,kw,ti OR 'high schooler*':ab,kw,ti OR 'elementary school':ab,kw,ti OR 'junior high':ab,kw,ti OR 'middle school':ab,kw,ti OR 'high school':ab,kw,ti OR juvenile*:ab,kw,ti OR minors:ab,kw,ti OR childhood:ab,kw,ti OR pediatric*:ab,kw,ti OR pediatrician*:ab,kw,ti OR paediatric*:ab,kw,ti OR paediatrician*:ab,kw,ti OR picu:ab,kw,ti  )