Thursday, January 15, 2015

Postoperative -- keyword and MeSH

A first try.  The keyword portion of the search was also being prepared for use in EMBASE.  For this reason, the hyphenated terms were not truncated.
(postop* OR "post-op" OR "post-operative" OR "post-operation" OR "post-operations" OR postsurg* OR "post-surgery"  OR "post-surgical" OR "after surgery" OR "following surgery" OR postanesth* OR post-anesthesia OR post-anesthetic  OR PARU OR PACU OR "recovery room" OR "recovery rooms" OR "recovery unit" OR "recovery units"  OR "Postoperative Period"[Mesh] OR "Postoperative Complications"[Mesh] OR "Postoperative Care"[Mesh]) 

When specific procedures are of interest, it is important to represent them, e.g.
post-laparotomy OR postlaparotom*