Monday, January 28, 2013

protamine keywords

Keywords based on MeSH database entry term list and on Martindale's in MICROMEDEX

protamine OR  Protami OR Protamina OR Protaminum OR Protammina OR Protamiinihydrokloridi  OR Protaminhydrochlorid  OR Protaminhydroklorid OR Protamini  OR Protamino OR Denpru OR Neutrahep  OR Newtain  OR Prosulf  OR Prota[tiab]

Consider removing  -- Prota[tiab] --  if the search might concern Staphylococcus (ProtA is a frequent abbreviation for Protein A)

The following hyphenated terms were 'not found' by PubMed and were removed from the search strategy to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
9012-00-4 OR 9009-65-8  OR Protamin-hidroklorid OR Protamin-hydrochlorid

low-molecular-weight heparins keywords

Terms taken from MeSH database entry term and narrower term lists and from Martindale's in MICROMEDEX:
dalteparin OR enoxaparin* OR nadroparin* OR LMWH OR ULMWH OR "low-molecular-weight heparin" OR "low-molecular-weight heparins" OR "low molecular weight heparin" OR "low molecular weight heparins" OR tedelparin* OR Tedelparin OR Kabi-2165 OR "Kabi 2165" OR Kabi2165 OR Dalteparin*  OR  Daltepariin* OR Dalteparyn*  OR 9041-08-1 OR Fragmin*  OR Boxol OR Dalpin OR Daltehep OR Eurodal OR Fragmin  OR Ligofragmin OR   FR-860 OR "FR 860" OR FR860 OR Enoxaparin* OR "PK-10,169" OR "PK 10,169" OR  PK-10169 OR "PK 10169" OR PK10169 OR EMT-967 OR "EMT 967" OR EMT967 OR   RP54563 OR Enoxaparin*  OR Enoksapariin* OR Enoksaparin* OR Enoksaparyn* OR  9041-08-1 OR  Clexa*  OR Cutenox  OR Decipar  OR Dilutol  OR Dripanina  OR Dynalix  OR Endocris  OR Enoparin  OR Enoxalow  OR Enoxarin  OR Enoxdowm  OR Exowin  OR Fibrinox  OR Flenox  OR Flothin  OR Flunox  OR Grefac  OR Hemapaxan  OR Henoxil  OR Hepaclex  OR Hepanox OR Klexane  OR LMWX  OR Lomonox  OR  Loparin*  OR Lovenox OR Lupenox OR Macparin OR Maxiparine OR Megaparin  OR  Omatex OR Plaucina OR Trombenox  OR EMT-966 OR "EMT 966" OR EMT966 OR Nadroparin* OR Fraxiparin* OR "CY 216" OR CY-216 OR CY216 OR LMF CY-216 OR   CY216D OR Nadropariin* OR Nadroparin* OR  cardioparin  OR Fraxiforte OR Fraxiparin*  OR Fraxodi OR Nadrohep  OR Seledie OR Seleparina OR Danaparoid  OR Danaparoide OR Danaparoid-Natrium OR Danaparoidum OR Lomoparan Org-10172  OR Org10172 OR "Org 10172" OR 83513-48-8 OR Orgaran OR PARNAPARIN OR Parnapariininatrium OR Parnaparina OR Parnaparine OR Parnaparinnatrium OR Parnaparino OR Parnaparinum  OR 9041-08-1 OR Fluxum  OR Minidalton  OR Thromboparin OR Tromboparin OR Zoltar  OR Tinzaparin OR Tintsapariininatrium OR Tinzaparina OR Tinzaparine OR Tinzaparinnatrium OR Tinzaparino OR Tinzaparinum  OR 9041-08-1 OR Innohep  OR Logiparin

The following hyphenated and quoted phrases were 'not found' by PubMed and were removed to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
 RP-54563 OR 679809-58-6 OR Nu-Rox OR CY-216D OR "Low Liquemine" OR "PK10,169" OR "RP 54563" OR "LMF CY 216" OR "LMF CY216" OR "CY 216D" OR Lomorin-NX OR 91449-79-5 OR OP-21-23 OR Parnaparin-Natrium OR Tinzaparin-Natrium

heparin keywords

Search strategy based on MeSH entry terms and Martindale's MICROMEDEX:
Heparin OR alpha-heparin* OR heparins OR heparine OR heparina OR heparini OR heparinum OR  Eparin* OR Hepariin*  OR Heparyn* OR 9005-49-6  OR Arthro-Menthoneurin OR Beprin OR  Cycloarthrin OR Cycloparin OR Derivon OR Gorgonium OR Hamoagil OR Helberina OR Heparen OR Hepgel   OR Inhep OR Liquemin OR Nuparin OR Parinorth OR Pentavenon OR Percase OR Percase-L OR Proctosedyl OR Pularin OR Ruscovarin OR Thrombophob OR Turgostad OR Varicylum OR Venalot OR Venodrag OR Venoplant[tiab] OR Venothromb OR 37270-89-6 OR Bioclaril OR Calcihep OR Calcilean OR Calciparin* OR Calcipor OR Calparine  OR Croneparina OR Ecabil OR Ecasolv OR Emoklar OR Epacalcica OR Eparical OR Eparinlider OR Eparven OR Eudipar OR Flusolv OR Hemofluss OR Hepacal OR Heparibene OR Monoparin OR Parinix OR Reoflus OR Serianon OR Sosefluss OR Trombolisin OR Uniparin OR Zepac OR 9041-08-1 OR Actparin OR Alcepalan OR Alimax OR Ambenat OR Ariven OR Arthroforte OR Assan[tiab] OR Ateroclar OR Beparine OR Biherpan OR Bioclot OR Blockasol OR Bonactin OR Butaparin OR Canusal OR Cathflush OR Cepan OR Cervep OR Chemyparin OR Clarisco OR Coaparin OR Contractubex  OR Contugel  OR Cutheparine  OR Darkinal  OR Demovarin    OR Disebrin  OR Disotron OR Dolo-Arthrosenex  OR Dolobene  OR Dolo-Menthoneurin   OR Dolo-Rubriment  OR   Eparinovis  OR Epartisone  OR Epsoclar OR Epsodil  OR Epsodilave  OR Esbereiven  OR Essaven*  OR Etrat  OR Facocinerin  OR Fibraflex OR  Flebogamma  OR Flebs  OR Flectoparin  OR Gelparin OR Hemastat  OR Hemeran OR  Hemofol  OR Hepabuzone  OR Hepaflex  OR  HepaGel  OR Hepalean* OR Hepamax  OR Hepaplus  OR Heparibene  OR Heparil  OR Heparizen  OR Heparth  OR HepaSpray  OR Hepathromb  OR Hepathrombin*  OR Hepathrombine  OR Hepatriet  OR Hepatrombin  OR Hepazolon  OR Hepflush  OR  Hep-Lock    OR Heplok  OR Heprin OR Hep-Rinse OR Hepsal  OR Hepsal  OR Heptin  OR Hexilak   OR Hirox OR Ichthalgan  OR Inhepar  OR  Inviclot  OR Isoclar  OR Jossathromb OR Kanovenol OR   Kelofibrase  OR Keparin  OR Keppur  OR Keppur  OR Lavenum  OR "Line Flush" OR Lioton  OR Lipactin  OR Lipactin  OR Lipactin   OR Lipohep  OR Liquaemin* OR Localithromb   OR Menaven  OR Meparin OR Minihep  OR Monoparin  OR Multiparin  OR Multiparin   OR Nevparin OR  Nigepan  OR "No-Clot" OR Noparin  OR Normoparin OR Nuparin  OR Nycoheparin OR Ostochont OR Pertrombon  OR Pharepa  OR Phlogase  OR Phytobene  OR Praecivenin OR Proctosedyl  OR Proctosedyl  OR proctosoll  OR Proparin OR Proveno  OR Ralur  OR  Reparil[tiab]  OR Riveparin OR Robusanon   OR Rubidiosin  OR Savarix OR Sensicutan OR Sobrius OR Sodiparin OR Sportino OR Sportium OR Sportofit OR Sportusal OR Thrombareduct OR Thrombimed OR Thrombion OR Thrombocutan  OR Thrombophob   OR Thrombo-Vetren OR Tointex  OR Traumalitan   OR Trirutin OR Trombex OR Trombless OR Trombofob OR Trombofob  OR Tromboliquine OR Trombosol OR Unihep OR Unihepa OR Uniparin OR Vascularin  OR Venacol OR Venalitan OR Venalot  OR Venengel OR Venobene  OR Venocux OR Venoflexil OR Venohepanol OR Venolife  OR Venopyronum OR Venosin OR Venostasin OR Venotrauma OR Venucreme OR Venugel OR Veracer OR Vetren OR  Viatromb OR Viteparin

Terms removed because they indicated other concepts more frequently than the heparin concept:
Arnica  OR Caprin OR Declot OR Haven OR Hep  OR Hico OR Ignava OR  Integrum  OR Lyman OR Mica   OR Pan OR Recto

Hyphenated and quoted phrases "not found" by PubMed that were removed to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:



























"Complejo Protrom Landerl"

"Sol Dial Perit"

"varico sanol Beincreme"

"Arnika plus"

"Cirkan a la Prednacinolone"

"Ditaven comp"

"DM Gel"

"Doloneuro-Gel plus"

"Enelbin-Salbe forte"

"Enelbin-Salbe N"

"Enelbin-Venen Salbe"

"Flector Tissugel Heparine"
"Hep Lok"

"Hepasol Lipogel"

"Idracemi Eparina"

"Logomed Sport-Gel"

"Logomed Venen-Salbe"

"Luxazone Eparina"

"Pasta Cool"

"Pe-Ce Ven N"

"Perivar Venensalbe"

"Phlebostasin compositum"

"Recto Menaderm"

"Venelbin N"

"Venitan Forte"

"Venoplant AHS"

"Venoplant comp"

"Venoruton Emulgel"

"Venostasin comp"

"Venostasin compositum"

"Venostasin Composto"

"Viamal Trauma"

"Vit Eparin"

"Xantervit Eparina"

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

endometrial biopsy -- keywords

((endometri* OR hysteroscop*) AND ( sampling OR sample OR samples OR sampled OR aspirat* OR punch* OR pipet* OR curett* OR  biops*))

Consider ORing the following with the sampling terms.  Doing so will result in retrieval of many articles about histology in hysterectomies.
histolog* OR microscop* OR histopath* OR cytopath* OR cytolog*

Consider ORing the following --
"D&C" OR "Dilatation and curettage"
(("D&C" OR "Dilatation and curettage") AND (diagnostic OR histolog* OR microscop* OR histopath* OR cytopath* OR cytolog*))
-- with the entire search statement .

Monday, January 7, 2013

transfer -- keywords

This list of transfer keywords was compiled as part of a search concerning the communication between two groups of doctors that occurs when a patient is transferred from one section of the hospital to another. The terms for the two groups of doctors (not included here) gave the search its specificity. Depending on the search topic terms like -- intra-professional OR intraprofessional OR inter-physician OR interphysician OR communicat* -- should be OR'd with the transfer words. 

(handoff* OR hand-off* OR "hand off" OR "hand offs" OR handover* OR hand-over* OR "hand over" OR "hand overs" OR turnover* OR turn-over* OR "turn over" OR "turn overs" OR transfer[tiab] OR transfers OR transferred OR transferring)

gout -- keywords and MeSH

((("Hyperuricemia"[mesh] OR hyperuricemi*[tw] OR hyperuricaemi*[tw] OR uric*[tw] OR urate[tw] OR uricem* OR uricaem*) AND (arthralg* OR polyarthriti* OR monoarthriti* OR polyarthralgi* OR monoarthralgi* OR intra-articular OR anti-arthriti* OR antiarthriti* OR antigout* OR anti-gout* OR joint[tw] OR joints[tw] OR arthriti* OR arthropath* OR synovi* OR articular OR rheumatol* OR toe OR toes OR phalanx OR phalanges OR carpal* OR tarsal *OR metacarp* OR metatars* OR inter-phalang* OR interphalang* OR intercarpal* OR intertarsal* OR ankle* OR knee* OR foot OR feet OR hand OR hands OR wrist* OR elbow* OR shoulder* OR hip OR hips OR orthoped*[tiab] OR orthopaed*[tiab])) OR gout[tiab] OR gouty[tiab] OR tophus OR tophi OR tophaceous OR "gout"[mesh] OR  (uric acid dis*) OR Urarthriti* OR “crystal arthritis” OR “crystal-induced arthritis” OR “crystal arthritides” OR “crystal-induced arthritides”)

cisplatin -- keywords

Based on Martindale's 11/12
cisplatin OR CDDP OR Cis-platin* OR Cisplatyn* OR Ciszplatin* OR DDP OR cis-DDP OR csddp OR NSC-119875 OR "NSC 119875" OR NSC119875 OR "Platinum Diamminodichloride" OR Sisplatiin* OR Sisplatin* OR cis-Diamminedichloroplatinum OR Diamminedichloroplatinum OR 15663-27-1 OR Abiplatin OR Accocit OR Astaplatin OR Bioplatino OR Blastolem OR Cadiplat OR Ciplexal OR Cisanplat OR Cisget OR Cishexal OR Ciskebir OR Cisplagen OR Cisplamin OR Cisplan OR Cisplasan OR Cisplat OR Cisplatex OR Cisplatyl OR Cisteen OR Cistriz OR Citoplatino OR Citoplax OR Citosin OR Cytoplatin OR Cytosplat OR Docistin OR Duplat OR Elvecis OR Fauldcispla OR Faulplatin OR Incel[tiab] OR Kemoplat OR Laxifos OR Lederplatin OR Metalino OR Neoplat OR Neoplatin OR Niyaplat OR Norplatin OR Noveldexis OR Oncoplat OR Oncoplatin OR Oncotin OR Placis OR Placitin OR Plastistil OR Platamine OR Platanovag OR Platiblastin OR Platidiam OR Platin OR Platinex OR Platino OR Platinol OR Platinox OR Platinoxan OR Platiran OR Platistil OR Platistil OR Platistin OR Platistin OR Platistine OR Platistine OR Platosin OR Platamine OR Randa OR Seroplatin OR Sicatem OR Tecnoplatin OR Tisplal OR Unistin