Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender

A search for articles focusing major attention on LGBT issues. (I wish MeSH included a transgender subject heading.)

("Homosexuality"[MAJR] OR "Bisexuality"[MAJR] OR "Transvestism"[MAJR] OR MSM[ti] OR “men who have sex with men”[ti] OR LBGT[ti] OR LGBT[ti] OR lesbian*[ti] OR gay[ti] OR gays[ti] OR homosexual*[ti] OR homo-sexual*[ti] OR bisexual*[ti] OR bi-sexual*[ti] OR transgender*[ti] OR trans-gender*[ti] OR homophob*[ti] OR homo-phob*[ti] OR transphobi*[ti] OR trans-phob*[ti] )

nonaneurysmic, subarachnoid hemorrhage

The following is my attempt to retrieve articles about non-aneurysmal, non-traumatic subarachnoid hemorrhage. The search requestors were not interested in pre-or post-natal SAH.

(unknown OR idiopath* OR benign OR unexplained OR ((negative OR unreveal*) AND (angiogram* OR angiograph* OR panangiogra* OR pan-angiogra* OR "Angiography"[mesh])) OR cyptogen* OR "mesencephalon"[mesh] OR "non aneurysm" OR "non-aneurysm" OR "non aneurysmal" OR "non-aneurysmal" OR nonaneurysmal OR perimesencephal* OR "peri mesencephalic" OR "peri mesencephalic" OR "peri mesencephalic" OR mesencephal* OR (PM[tiab] AND nasah) OR PMNASAH OR convexal OR convexity OR cortical OR fistula* OR malformation* OR angioma* OR hemangioma* OR haemangioma* OR “Sinus Pericranii” OR Telangiectasia* OR Osler-Weber * OR rendu-osler* OR “osler weber” OR “rendu osler” OR OWRD OR ROWD OR venous OR vein OR veins OR avm OR arterio-venous OR arteriovenous OR cancer OR cancers OR cancerous OR carcinoma* OR adenocarcinoma* OR hepatocarcinoma* OR carcinosarcoma* OR sarcoma* OR histiocytoma* OR fibrosarcoma* OR osteosarcoma* OR chondrosarcoma* OR lymphosarcoma* OR rhabdomyosarcoma* OR leukemi* OR leukaemi* OR erythroleukem* OR erythroleukaem* OR lymphoma* OR melanoma* OR hodgkin* OR "multiple myeloma" OR mesothelioma* OR neoplasm* OR neoplastic OR neoplasia OR malignan* OR metastases OR metastasis OR metastatic OR carcinoid* OR neuroblastoma* OR "Mycosis Fungoides" OR "Sezary Syndrome" OR Retinoblastoma* OR pheochromocytoma* OR OR nephroblastoma* OR choriocarcinoma* OR Blastoma OR Blastomas OR glioblastoma* OR glioma* OR astrocytoma* OR ependymoma* OR medulloblastoma* OR meningioma* OR craniopharyngioma* OR myelodysplastic OR myeloproliferative OR macroglobulinemi* OR macroglobulinaemi* OR pineoblastoma* OR thymoma* OR tumor OR tumors OR tumorous OR tumour* OR pseudo-tumor* OR pseudo-tumour* OR pseudotumor* OR pseudotumour* OR cyst OR cysts OR cystic OR "neoplasms"[mesh] OR thrombosis OR thromboses OR thrombotic OR thrombosing OR thrombosed OR amyloid* OR angiopath* OR arteriopath* OR vasculopath* OR vasculiti* OR sickle OR sickling OR “Hemoglobin S” OR “Haemoglobin S” OR “Hemoglobin SC” OR “Haemoglobin SC” OR coagulopath* OR “coagulation disorder” OR “coagulation disorders” OR hypercoag* OR thrombophil* OR “protein C deficiency” OR “protein C deficiencies” OR “protein C resistance” OR “APC resistance” OR “protein S deficiency” OR “protein S deficiencies” OR “protein S resistance” OR “antithrombin 3 deficiency” OR “antithrombin 3 deficiencies” OR “antithrombin 3 deficient” OR “antithrombin III deficiency” OR “antithrombin III deficiencies” OR “antithrombin III deficient” OR TTP OR Schulman-Upshaw OR “Schulman Upshaw” OR “Moschkowitz Disease” OR DIC OR “disseminated intravascular coagulation” OR “consumption coagulopathy” OR “consumption coagulopathies” OR haemoglobinopath* OR hemoglobinopath* OR “post-partum OR “post partum” OR “reversible cerebral vasoconstriction syndrome” OR RCVS OR "Thrombosis"[Mesh] OR "Vascular Fistula"[Mesh] OR "Vascular Malformations"[Mesh] OR "Neoplasms"[Mesh] OR "Cerebral Amyloid Angiopathy"[Mesh] OR "Amyloidosis"[Mesh] OR "Vasculitis"[Mesh] OR "Connective Tissue Diseases"[Mesh] OR "Hematologic Diseases"[Mesh]) AND ("subarachnoid hemorrhage"[mesh:noexp] OR sah[tiab] OR nasah[tiab] OR "Subarachnoid Hemorrhages" OR "Subarachnoid Hemorrhage" OR "subarachnoid haemorrhage" OR "subarachnoid haemorrhages" OR ((subarachnoid* OR sub-arachnoid*) AND (hemorrhag* OR haemorrhag* OR bleed OR bleeds OR bled OR bleeding OR hematoma* OR haematoma*)) OR (PM[tiab] AND NASAH[tiab]) OR PMNASAH) NOT (aneurysm*[ti] NOT (aneurysm*[ti] AND (nonaneurysm*[ti] OR non-aneurysm*[ti] OR “non aneurysmal”[ti])))