Sunday, March 11, 2018

Skin Diseases -- keyword search

Relatively quick  attempt at a keyword search based on MeSH entry terms and narrower terms in "skin diseases" MeSH tree as well as a few additional terms:

"cafe au lait" OR “Angiolymphoid Hyperplasia with Eosinophilia” OR “discoid lupus” OR "epidermal necrolysis" OR “Giant Cell Arteritis” OR “Granuloma Annulare” OR “Hydroa Vacciniforme” OR “Incontinentia Pigmenti” OR “Livedo Reticularis” OR “Polyarteritis Nodosa” OR “Sweat Gland” OR “Sweet Syndrome” OR “systemic hyalinoses” OR “systemic Hyalinosis” OR acantholy* OR acne* OR Acne*  OR acroderm* OR Acrodermatit* OR Anetoderm* OR angioedem* OR angio-oedem* OR Behcet*[tiab] OR Blister* OR bulli OR bullous OR Buruli*[tiab] OR Cafe-au-Lait OR Callosit* OR callous OR callus OR  Chloracne OR Cholesteatom* OR Cutaneous  OR Cutis OR Dandruff OR Darier[tiab] OR derm* OR Dermatit* OR Dermato* OR Dermatol* OR Dermatomyosit* OR Dermatos* OR dermatot* OR Dyskerato* OR Ecthym* OR Ectoderm* OR Eczema* OR epidermal OR Epidermoly* OR Eruption* OR erythaem* OR Erythem* OR Erythrokeratoderm* OR Exanthem* OR Exfoliat* OR Folliculit*  OR Hidradenit* OR Hirsutis* OR hive OR hives OR "hydroa vacciniforme" OR Hyperhidro* OR Hyperpigment* OR Hypertricho* OR Hypohidro* OR Hypopigment* OR Hypotricho* OR Ichthyo* OR Intertrig* OR Keloid* OR Kerato* OR Keratoacanthom* OR Keratoderm* OR Leukokerato* OR Lichenoid  OR macular OR macule* OR Mastocytom* OR Mastocytos* OR Menkes[tiab] OR Miliari*  OR Monilethrix OR Morgellon*[tiab] OR Mucocutaneous OR Muir-Torre[tiab] OR Necrobio* OR Netherton[tiab] OR Neurodermatit* OR Papul* OR Papulosquamous OR Parakerato* OR Parapsoria* OR Paronychi* OR Pemphig* OR Photoallerg* OR Photosensitiv* OR Phototoxic* OR Piedr* OR Pigmentat* OR Pityria*  OR Porokerato* OR Prurigo OR Prurit* OR Pseudoxanthom* OR Psoria* OR pustul* OR Pyoderm* OR Radiodermatit* OR rash* OR Rhinophym* OR Rosac* OR Rothmund-Thomson[tiab] OR Scleredema* OR Scleroderma* OR Sebaceous OR Seborrh* OR Seborrh* OR Sjogren-Larsson[tiab] OR Stevens-Johnson[tiab] OR SJS OR skin  OR Sneddon*[tiab] OR Sunburn OR Takayasu*[tiab] OR Trichothiodystroph* OR Urticari* OR  vesicle* OR vesicular OR Vesiculobullous OR Xanthogranulom* OR Xeroderm*