Thursday, October 7, 2021

infliximab - keywords and MeSH

Search terms were harvested gathered from the MeSH and EMTREE thesauri, from the CAS Registry and from Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

"Infliximab"[Mesh] OR infliximab* OR infliksimab* OR  170277-31-3 OR abp-710 OR abp710 OR avakine OR avsola OR ca2 OR centnf OR flammegis OR flixabi OR gp-1111 OR gp1111 OR inflectra OR ixifi OR pf-06438179 OR pf-6438179 OR pf06438179 OR pf6438179 OR remicade OR remsima OR renflexis OR revellex OR ta-650 OR ta650 OR zessly

Monday, July 19, 2021

Rheumatoid arthritis -- EMBASE

'rheumatoid arthritis'/de OR 'adult onset still disease'/exp OR 'rheumatoid nodule'/exp OR felty*:ab,kw,ti OR 'stills disease':ab,kw,ti OR 'still?s disease':ab,kw,ti OR 'still disease':ab,kw,ti OR beauvais*:ab,kw,ti OR (ra:ab,kw,ti NOT ((((rosmarinic OR 'relative abundance' OR retinoic) NEAR/7 ra):ab,kw,ti) OR 226ra:ab,kw,ti OR '226 ra':ab,kw,ti OR radium:ab,kw,ti)) OR rheumarthrit*:ab,kw,ti OR reumarthrit*:ab,kw,ti OR revmarthrit*:ab,kw,ti OR (((rheumatoid* OR rheumatoid OR reumatoid OR revmatoid OR rheumat* OR reumat* OR revmat*) NEAR/2 (syndrome* OR disease* OR arthriti* OR joint* OR synovi* OR nodul* OR lung* OR vascul*)):ab,kw,ti)

Research instruments - keywords

 instrument* OR scale OR scales OR scor* OR index* OR indices OR questionnair* OR survey* OR tool* OR checklist* OR "check list*" OR inventor*

consider including:

measur* OR determination* OR evaluat* OR test OR tests OR "patient-reported outcome*"

Psychometric properties - keywords and MeSH

The following was created for a routine (non-exhaustive) search:

("Psychometrics"[Mesh] OR psychometric* OR valid* OR reliab* OR responsiv* OR interpretab* OR “measurement error*” OR “error of measurement*” OR “errors of measurement*” OR consistency OR “factor analys*” OR “factor structure” OR “item analys*” OR “item response” OR “item functioning” OR “component analys*” OR “measurement invariance” OR “test construction” OR sensitivity OR specificity OR “statistical rotation” OR “oblique rotation” OR “orthogonal rotation” OR “varimax rotation” OR “split half” OR “test retest” OR interrater OR “inter rater” OR intrarater OR “intra rater” OR “known groups technique” OR stability OR equivalence OR “intraclass correlation coefficient*” OR “intra-class correlation coefficient*” OR icc OR kappa OR “coefficient of correlation” OR “coefficients of correlation” OR “correlation coefficient*” OR “pearson product moment” OR “spearman rho” OR “minimal detectable difference” OR “minimal detectable change”) 

Friday, June 25, 2021

Medical Students, Residents, Interns, and Fellows -- EMBASE

The search strategy below was developed by Danielle Westmark:

('medical student'/exp OR 'resident'/exp OR ((resident OR residents OR residenc* OR intern OR interns OR internship* OR "house staff" OR "house officer" OR "house officers" OR fellow OR fellows OR fellowship* OR student*) NEAR/6 (medicine OR medical OR allerg* OR anesthesiolog** OR cardiolog* OR dermatolog* OR diabetolog* OR "emergency physician*" OR endocrinolog* OR epileptologist* OR gastroenterolog* OR "general practitioner" OR "general practitioners" OR "general practice" OR "family practice" OR geriatric* OR gerontologist* OR genetic* OR gynecolog* OR gynaecolog* OR hepatolog* OR hematopatholog* OR haematopatholog*  OR hematology* OR haematolog* OR hospitalists* OR immunolog* OR "infectious disease" OR internist* OR intensivist* OR nephrolog* OR neuropsychiat* OR neurolog* OR neuropatholog* OR neurotolog* OR obstetric* OR oncolog* OR ophthalmolog* OR orthopaed* OR orthoped* OR osteopathic* OR otolaryngolog* OR otorhinolaryngolog* OR patholog* OR pediatric* OR paediatric* OR pediatrician* OR paediatrician* OR  physiatr* OR podiatri* OR psychiat* OR psycholog* OR  pulmonolog* OR radiolog* OR rheumatolog* OR pulmonolog* OR surg*  OR urolog* OR “addiction medicine” OR “adolescent medicine” OR “bariatric medicine” OR “behavioral medicine” OR “clinical medicine” OR “precision medicine” OR “community medicine” OR “disaster medicine” OR “emergency medicine” OR “family medicine” OR “hospital medicine” OR “internal medicine” OR “pulmonary medicine” OR “sleep medicine” OR “palliative medicine” OR “perioperative medicine” OR “sports medicine” OR “sport medicine”)) ) 

Monday, June 7, 2021

High fidelity simulation -- EMBASE

  The following EMBASE search come from Kim Harp.  It was created for a search concerning return on investment of high fidelity simulation. 

'high-fidelity simulation'/exp/mj OR “high fidelity mannequin” OR “high fidelity mannequins” OR (mannequin NEAR/5 simulat*) OR (manikin NEAR/5 simulat*) OR “high fidelity manikin” OR “high fidelity manikins” OR “human patient simulator” OR “surgery simulator” OR SimMan OR Gaumare OR “medical mannequin” OR “medical manikin” OR (“patient simulator” NEAR/5 “high fidelity”)

Virtual Reality -- EMBASE

 The following EMBASE search come from Kim Harp.  It was created for a search concerning return on investment of high fidelity simulation. 

VR OR 'virtual reality'/exp/mj OR 'virtual reality exposure therapy'/exp/mj OR 'virtual reality head mounted display'/exp/mj OR 'virtual reality':ti,ab OR vr:ti,ab OR 'augmented reality':ti,ab OR 'mixed reality':ti,ab OR 'virtual environment':ti,ab OR 'video game':ti,ab OR 'video games':ti,ab OR gaming:ti,ab

Return on Investment - EMBASE

The following EMBASE search come from Kim Harp.  It was created for a search concerning return on investment of high fidelity simulation. 

“return on investment” OR “return on investment” OR cost* OR “cost-benefit analysis” OR “cost control” OR “cost savings” OR roi OR charg* OR expens* OR expenditure* OR budget* OR economic* OR money* OR dollar* OR invest OR invests OR investment* OR investing OR invested OR financ* OR expenditur* OR fund* OR disbursement* OR pay* OR bills OR billed OR billing OR price* OR inexpensive* OR afford* OR discount* OR fiscal OR disburs* OR fee OR fees OR barter* OR tab OR wages OR value OR outlay OR wholesale* OR retail* OR capital OR earn* OR lucre* OR proceeds OR profit* OR revenue* OR assets OR cash* OR saving* OR cheap* OR deficit* OR spend* OR underwrit* OR dividend* OR bankroll* OR donat* OR reimburs* OR recompens* OR compensat* OR indemnif* OR remunerat* OR repay* OR currenc* OR wherewithall* OR refund* OR overhead* OR “bottom line” OR “out of pocket” OR forfeit* OR tax* OR depreciat* OR 'return on investment'/exp/mj OR 'cost benefit analysis'/exp/mj OR 'cost effectiveness analysis'/exp/mj OR 'cost minimization analysis'/exp/mj OR 'cost control'/exp/mj OR 'cost utility analysis'/exp/mj

Friday, May 7, 2021

Novel Oral Anti-Coagulants -- EMBASE keyword search

 (((('direct acting' OR 'direct oral' OR novel) NEAR/3 (anticoagulant* OR 'anti coagulant' OR 'anti coagulants')):ti,ab,kw) OR ((('factor x' OR 'factor xa' OR thrombin) NEAR/3 (inhibit1* OR antagon* OR block* OR anti)):ti,ab,kw) OR (((non OR independen*) NEAR/3 'vitamin k' NEAR/5 (anticoag* OR 'anti coag*')):ti,ab,kw) OR doac:ti,ab,kw OR doacs:ti,ab,kw OR noac:ti,ab,kw OR noacs:ti,ab,kw OR dabigatran:ti,ab,kw OR '211914 51 1':ti,ab,kw OR '593282 20 3':ti,ab,kw OR dabigatran*:ti,ab,kw OR bibr953:ti,ab,kw OR bibr953zw:ti,ab,kw OR bibr1048ms:ti,ab,kw OR 'bibr 953':ti,ab,kw OR 'bibr 953zw':ti,ab,kw OR 'bibr 1048ms':ti,ab,kw OR pradaxa:ti,ab,kw OR pradaxar:ti,ab,kw OR prazaxa:ti,ab,kw OR apixaban:ti,ab,kw OR '503612 47 3':ti,ab,kw OR 'bms 562247 01':ti,ab,kw OR bms56224701:ti,ab,kw OR apixaban*:ti,ab,kw OR eliquis:ti,ab,kw OR betrixaban:ti,ab,kw OR betrixaban*:ti,ab,kw OR '330942 05 7':ti,ab,kw OR bevyxxa:ti,ab,kw OR 'prt 054021':ti,ab,kw OR prt054021:ti,ab,kw OR edoxaban:ti,ab,kw OR '480449 70 5':ti,ab,kw OR '480449 71 6':ti,ab,kw OR du176*:ti,ab,kw OR 'du 176*':ti,ab,kw OR edoxaban*:ti,ab,kw OR lixiana:ti,ab,kw OR savaysa:ti,ab,kw OR rivaroxaban:ti,ab,kw OR '366789 02 8':ti,ab,kw OR bay597939:ti,ab,kw OR 'bay 59 7939':ti,ab,kw OR rivaroxaban*:ti,ab,kw OR xarelto:ti,ab,kw) 

Monday, March 8, 2021

Zidovudine - keywords

 Names for zidovudine were gathered from Martindale:  The Complete Drug Reference via LexiComp.

zidovudin* OR Atsidotymidi* OR Azidodeoxythymidin* OR Azidothymidin* OR Azidotimidin* OR Azydotymidyn* OR AZT OR Tsidovudi* OR Zidovudin* OR Zydowudyn* OR 30516-87-1 OR Ai-Jian OR Ambrodil OR Antivir OR Azetavir OR Azidina OR Azimitem OR  Azoazol OR Azotine OR Azovir OR BW-509U OR BW509U OR BW-A509U OR BWA509U OR Crisazet OR Ding-Te OR Dipedyne OR Dizovin OR Dozra OR Enper OR Exovir OR FeiTe OR He-Pu-Ren OR Hivalase OR Iduvo OR Isadol OR JiuLi OR Ke-Ai-Si OR Kedu OR Na-Xin-De OR Novavir OR Novo-AZT OR Pranadox OR Produvir OR Pu-Xi-Ding OR Qi-Luo-Ke OR Retrovir OR Revirax OR Serovidina OR T-ZA OR Thymazide OR Timivudin OR TO-Vir OR Viro-Z OR Viroclon OR Virocomb OR Virotec OR Virozid OR Virustat OR Wei-Nuo OR Zetrotax OR Zidic-C OR Zidis OR Zidix OR Zido-H  OR Zidoh OR Zidomat OR Zidorex OR Zidovir OR Zidovirine OR Zidovusan OR Zidrevir OR Ziduvine OR Zilion OR Zivir OR Zorpex OR Zydowin OR Zynaraam



The following were removed because they retrieved they retrieve too many irrelevant results  (in PubMed, “Compound-s” retrieves “compound’s”)

APO, Compound-S