Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Pharmacodynamics/Pharmacokinetics Search -- EMBASE headings and keywords

Below, I've pasted an EMBASE strategy for a relatively thorough, but not exhaustive, search for articles focused on pharmacodynamic or pharmacokinetic properties of an antiretroviral agent.  I'm posting this here to avoid having to start composing a  pharmacodyanmics/pharmacokinetics concept search from scratch in the future.  I'm sure the search is flawed.  

(drug subject headings or title words) AND ('virus load'/exp OR 'viral load testing'/exp OR 'cd4+ t lymphocyte'/exp OR 'pharmacodynamics'/exp OR 'pharmacokinetics'/exp OR 'pharmacokinetic parameters'/exp OR 'pharmacokinetic assay'/exp OR 'pharmacokinetic modeling software'/exp OR 'pharmacodynamic parameters'/exp OR (((excret* OR eliminat* OR clearance*) NEAR/5 (urin* OR bile OR biliary OR sweat OR saliva* OR exhal* OR tears OR 'breast milk')):ab,ti) OR (((food OR herb OR alcohol OR caffeine OR drug* OR dna) NEAR/5 interact*):ab,ti) OR (((virus OR viral OR virologic*) NEAR/5 respons*):ab,ti) OR ((duration NEAR/5 effect*):ab,ti) OR ((gene NEAR/5 regulat*):ab,ti) OR ((intracellular NEAR/5 signal*):ab,ti) OR ((phenotyp* NEAR/4 chang*):ab,ti) OR ((receptor NEAR/5 densit*):ab,ti) OR ((route* NEAR/5 admin*):ab,ti) OR ((cyp* NEAR/5 (enzym* OR isoenzym*)):ab,ti) OR (((dose OR dosage OR concentration OR level) NEAR/5 (effect* OR response OR activity OR scheme OR protocol OR dependence OR 'kidney function' OR 'renal function' OR 'liver function' OR 'hepatic function')):ab,ti) OR ((('cd4 count*' OR 'cd4 cell count*' OR 'cd4 lymphocyte count*' OR 'hiv-1 rna' OR 'viral load' OR absor* OR accumulat* OR acetylation OR activat* OR 'active secretion*' OR 'active transport*' OR activity OR adh OR adsorp* OR affinity OR agonist* OR 'alcohol dehydrogenase' OR 'aldehyde dehydrogenase' OR aldh OR antagon* OR antiporter* OR aquaporin* OR 'area under the curve' OR 'association constant' OR 'atp-binding cassette' OR auc OR auc12 OR 'binding capacity' OR 'binding protein*' OR bioavail* OR bioequiv* OR biostatic OR biotransform* OR block* OR 'blood-brain barrier*' OR c0 OR 'capacity limited' OR carcinogenic* OR carrier* OR 'catechol-o-methyl transferase' OR 'ceiling effect' OR chronopharmacokin* OR 'circulation time' OR cl OR 'clathrin coated' OR clearance OR 'coated pit*' OR 'coated vesicle*' OR 'coenzyme nicotinamde adenine dinucleotide phosphate' OR compartment* OR competit* OR 'complex formation' OR comt OR 'concentration index' OR 'concentration response' OR 'concentration-time curve*' OR conjugat* OR 'context-sensitive' OR cotransporter* OR 'cross reactivity' OR 'curative dose' OR cytochrome* OR cytotoxic* OR degrad* OR dehalogenat* OR 'delayed release' OR 'depressor response*' OR detoxif* OR dialysab* OR diffus* OR 'dihydropyrimidine dehydrogenase' OR disintegrat* OR disposition* OR dissociat* OR dissolution OR distribut* OR dpd OR 'drug action*' OR 'drug drug' OR 'dt diaphorase' OR dynamin OR 'ec50' OR 'efficacy parameter*' OR 'electrochemical gradient*' OR eliminat* OR emax OR 'enantiomeric ratio' OR endocyt* OR endosome* OR 'enteric coat*' OR enterohepatic OR 'enzyme induction' OR equilibr* OR excret* OR exhanger* OR exocyt* OR 'extracellular fluid' OR 'extracellular space*' OR 'extracellular water' OR filtered OR filtration OR 'first order' OR 'first pass' OR flavoprotein* OR formulat* OR 'gastrointestinal secretion*' OR germistatic OR gi50 OR gi90 OR 'glomerular filtration' OR glucoronid* OR 'glutathione-s-transferase' OR 'glycine conjugation' OR gradient* OR 'growth inhibition' OR gst OR 'half life' OR 'half-time' OR 'hepatic availability' OR 'hepatic enzyme*' OR 'hepatic microsome*' OR 'histamine methyltransferase' OR hmt OR hormesis OR hydroly* OR hydroxylat* OR ic10 OR ic20 OR ic25 OR ic50 OR ic90 OR ic95 OR id50 OR inactivat* OR inducer* OR inhibit* OR inhibit* OR 'inhibitory concentration' OR 'interpatient variation' OR 'interstitial fluid*' OR 'intersubject variation' OR 'intestinal availability' OR intoxicat* OR 'intrinsic activity' OR ionis* OR ioniz* OR iontophor* OR ke OR kinetic* OR 'lipid/water partition' OR lipophil* OR 'liver microsome*' OR 'loading dose' OR 'maintenance dose' OR 'margin of safety' OR 'maximum binding' OR 'maximum effect' OR 'maximum plasma concentration' OR 'maximum possible effect' OR mechanism OR metabol* OR methylat* OR mic OR mic50 OR mic80 OR mic90 OR microbiocidal OR microbiostatic OR 'minimal inhibitory concentration*' OR 'minimal microbicidal concentration*' OR 'minimum effective concentration*' OR 'minimum effective level*' OR 'minimum inhibitory concentration*' OR 'minimum microbicidal concentration*' OR 'minimum microbicidal concentration*' OR 'minimum plasma concentration*' OR mmc OR 'monoamine oxidase*' OR 'multi-compartment' OR 'n acetyltransferase' OR nadph OR 'nadphr-cytochrome p450' OR noael OR nq01 OR oxidat* OR p450 OR 'paracellular pathway*' OR 'partial response*' OR partition OR 'partition coefficient' OR 'passage rate*' OR peak* OR penetrat* OR permeab* OR ph OR phagocyt* OR pharmacodynam* OR pharmacokin* OR pka OR 'plasma water' OR pore OR pores OR porin OR 'portal circulat*' OR 'portal system' OR potenc* OR potenc* OR potentiat* OR prodrug* OR 'pro drug*' OR 'protein binding' OR 'protein bound' OR 'pulsatile release' OR 'quinone oxidoreductase' OR 'rate of passage' OR reabsor* OR 'reactive metabolite' OR rebound OR receptor* OR redistribut* OR redox OR 'residence time*' OR resistance OR response OR retention OR saturab* OR 'second messenger*' OR selectiv* OR sensitivity OR sequester* OR 'single pass' OR 'site of action' OR 'slow release' OR solub* OR specificity OR 'standardized uptake value' OR 'steady state' OR 'steady state' OR stimulat* OR substrate* OR sulfat* OR sulfotransferase* OR supersensitivity OR suscept* OR 'sustained-release' OR symporter* OR 't ½' OR 't1/2' OR tachyphyla* OR 'target cell*' OR 'target organ*' OR 'target tissue*' OR targeted OR targeting OR 'therapeutic drug monitoring' OR 'therapeutic equivalence' OR 'therapeutic index*' OR 'therapeutic window' OR 'thiopurine methyltransferase' OR 'time to maximum' OR 'timed release' OR 'tissue binding' OR 'tissue depot*' OR 'tissue reservoir*' OR titrat* OR tlovr OR tolerab* OR tolerance OR 'total body water' OR 'toxic concentration' OR 'toxic level*' OR toxic* OR tpmt OR transcellular OR transcyto* OR transform* OR 'transit time*' OR transmembrane OR transport* OR 'trough concentration' OR trough* OR ugt* OR uptake OR 'uridine diphosphate glucuronosyltransferase*' OR virocidal OR virostatic OR 'zero order') NEAR/10 (drug keywords)):ab,ti))