Friday, August 4, 2017

Ultrasonography -- terms to consider

A search quickly composed for ultrasonography students:

"Ultrasonography"[Mesh] OR "a scan" OR "a scans" OR "b scan" OR "b scans" OR doppler* OR duplex OR echo* OR echocard* OR echoencephalogr* OR echogra* OR echomammogr* OR echooculogr* OR echotomo* OR elastogra* OR endosono* OR "elasticity imaging" OR fibroscan OR "M mode" OR sonoelast* OR sonogra* OR "speckle tracking" OR thromboelastogr* OR ultrasonogr* OR "ultrasonic imaging" OR ultrasound* OR Vibro-Acoustogra*

Nutrition -- MeSH to consider

A list quickly composed for nutrition students:

 ("diet therapy" [Subheading] OR "Nutrition Therapy"[Mesh] OR "Feeding Methods"[Mesh] OR "Vitamins" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Food"[Mesh] OR "Nutrition Disorders"[Mesh] OR "Nutritional Physiological Phenomena"[Mesh] OR "Trace Elements" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Body Weight"[Mesh])