Tuesday, February 5, 2013

calcium-binding proteins - keywords and MeSH

The following strategy was composed for a routine search request (one weekday turn-around time).   It's nowhere near systematic review quality. However, I do not want to have to start over if asked to search for articles about calcium-binding proteins again in the future and so am posting my current strategy here.

("Calcium-Binding Proteins"[mesh] OR Calsequestrin* OR  Fetuin* OR  "alpha-2-HS-Glycoprotein" OR Calcium-Sensing OR "calcium sensing" OR Calnexin* OR Calreticulin* OR Gelsolin* OR Osteocalcin* OR Osteonectin* OR "Leukocyte L1 Antigen Complex" OR Synaptotagmin* OR S100* OR SCP* OR EF-hand OR calmodulin* OR calcineurin* OR calpain* OR visinin-like* OR "ca2-binding" OR Syt OR "synaptic vesicle protein" OR CaMKII OR "ca/calmodulin-dependent" OR Annexin OR "C2 domain" OR "Calcium ATPase" OR "Calcium pump" OR Myosin OR "Troponin C" OR cabp* OR TOUCH3 OR TCH3 OR PINOID OR pid-binding OR PBP1 OR (("phosphorylase b" OR phosphorylaseb OR phosphorylase-b OR "myosin light chain" OR cam OR NAD OR cgmp-dependent) AND (kinase OR kinases)) OR "adenylate cyclase" OR "camp phosphodiesterase" OR "NO synthase" OR "inositol 3-kinase" OR "G protein coupled receptor" OR "g protein coupled receptors" OR dystrophin OR spectrin OR fodrin OR caldesmon OR marcks OR syntrophin OR microtubule* OR myr4 OR p190 OR neuromodulin OR neurogranin OR PEP-19 OR igloo OR iqcap OR "adenyl cyclase" OR "nitric oxide synthase" OR "glutamate decarboxylase" OR "inositol 1,4,5-triphosphate receptor" OR (("Calcium"[Mesh] OR "Calcium Compounds"[Mesh] OR calcium OR ("factor iv" AND coag*) OR ca[tiab] OR ca2+) AND (ATPase OR "secondary messenger" OR "secondary messengers" OR signal OR signals OR signaling OR signaled OR signalled OR signalling OR transduc* OR sensor* OR sensing OR bind OR binds OR binding OR bound OR receptor OR receptors OR channel* OR ca-binding OR chelat* OR ligand* OR ionophore*)))