Friday, July 3, 2009

underserved -- keyword

This search strategy includes terms for underinsured, uninsured, homeless, etc. as well as terms for the typically underserved minority groups in North America.

((American[tiab] OR "north american"[tiab] OR canada*[tiab] OR "united states"[tiab] OR mexic*[tiab]) AND (Indian[tiab] OR Indians[tiab] OR aborigin* OR "first nation" OR "first nations" OR indigenous OR tribe OR tribal)) OR (ABENAKI[tiab] OR pima*[tiab] OR navajo*[tiab] OR inuit*[tiab] OR cherokee*[tiab] OR shawnee*[tiab] OR lakota[tiab] OR ((ute[tiab] OR utes[tiab] OR biloxi[tiab] OR blackfoot*[tiab] OR apache*[tiab] OR cheyenne[tiab] OR spokane[tiab] OR TUSCARORA[tiab] OR "warm springs"[tiab] OR tunica[tiab] OR dakota[tiab] OR sac[tiab] OR fox[tiab] OR creek*[tiab] OR deleware*[tiab] OR iowa*[tiab] OR miami*[tiab] OR mission*[tiab] OR sioux[tiab] OR omaha[tiab]) AND (Indian[tiab] OR Indians[tiab] OR aborigin* OR "first nation" OR "first nations" OR indigenous OR tribe OR tribal)) OR Coushatta[tiab] OR tlingit*[tiab] OR arapaho*[tiab] OR Assiniboine[tiab] OR BEOTHUK[tiab] OR blackfeet[tiab] OR blackfoot[tiab] OR cabazon*[tiab] OR CADDO*[tiab] OR CHICKASAW[tiab] OR CHIPPEWA[tiab] OR CHITIMACHA*[tiab] OR CHOCTAW*[tiab] OR COCOPAH*[tiab] OR "COEUR D'ALENE"[tiab] OR COMANCHE*[tiab] OR Muscogee*[tiab] OR duwamish[tiab] OR elwha*[tiab] OR flathead*[tiab] OR GOSHUTE*[tiab] OR HO-CHUNK*[tiab] OR hopi[tiab] OR hopis[tiab] OR hoopa*[tiab] OR S'KLALLAM[tiab] OR JATIBONICU[tiab] OR JUMANO*[tiab] OR kalapuya*[tiab] OR kiowa*[tiab] OR KOOTENAI*[tiab] OR lemhi*[tiab] OR shoshone*[tiab] OR makah*[tiab] OR pequot*[tiab] OR MECHOOPDA*[tiab] OR metis[tiab] OR menominee*[tiab] OR MICCOSUKEE*[tiab] OR mi'kmaq[tiab] OR mohegan*[tiab] OR MUSCOGEE*[tiab] OR navajo*[tiab] OR "nez perce"[tiab] OR "nez pierce"[tiab] OR oneida*[tiab] OR osage*[tiab] OR passamaquoddy[tiab] OR pawnee*[tiab] OR "pend d'oreille"[tiab] OR pomo[tiab] OR pomos[tiab] OR POTAWATOMI*[tiab] OR pueblo*[tiab] OR QUINAULT*[tiab] OR salish[tiab] OR saponi[tiab] OR saponis[tiab] OR SEMINOLE*[tiab] OR shawnee*[tiab] OR shoshone*[tiab] OR siletz[tiab] OR nakota[tiab] OR S'KLALLAM[tiab] OR suquamish[tiab] OR taino*[tiab] OR tohono[tiab] OR o'odham[tiab] OR tunica-biloxi[tiab] OR tunicas[tiab] OR umatilla*[tiab] OR umpqua*[tiab] OR waccamaw*[tiab] OR wampanoag*[tiab] OR washoe*[tiab] OR wiyot*[tiab] OR yakama*[tiab] OR (alaskan AND native*) OR underserved OR minority OR minorities OR homeless* OR impaired OR uninsured OR underinsured OR african* OR black OR blacks OR "native american" OR "native americans" OR gypsy OR gypsies OR hispanic OR hispanics OR latino OR latinos OR latina OR latinas OR chicano OR chicanos OR "mexican american" OR "mexican americans" OR mexican-american* OR "puerto rican" OR "puerto ricans" OR jamaican OR jamaicans OR immigrant OR immigrants OR refugee OR refugees OR transients OR migrant OR migrants)

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