Monday, June 7, 2021

Return on Investment - EMBASE

The following EMBASE search come from Kim Harp.  It was created for a search concerning return on investment of high fidelity simulation. 

“return on investment” OR “return on investment” OR cost* OR “cost-benefit analysis” OR “cost control” OR “cost savings” OR roi OR charg* OR expens* OR expenditure* OR budget* OR economic* OR money* OR dollar* OR invest OR invests OR investment* OR investing OR invested OR financ* OR expenditur* OR fund* OR disbursement* OR pay* OR bills OR billed OR billing OR price* OR inexpensive* OR afford* OR discount* OR fiscal OR disburs* OR fee OR fees OR barter* OR tab OR wages OR value OR outlay OR wholesale* OR retail* OR capital OR earn* OR lucre* OR proceeds OR profit* OR revenue* OR assets OR cash* OR saving* OR cheap* OR deficit* OR spend* OR underwrit* OR dividend* OR bankroll* OR donat* OR reimburs* OR recompens* OR compensat* OR indemnif* OR remunerat* OR repay* OR currenc* OR wherewithall* OR refund* OR overhead* OR “bottom line” OR “out of pocket” OR forfeit* OR tax* OR depreciat* OR 'return on investment'/exp/mj OR 'cost benefit analysis'/exp/mj OR 'cost effectiveness analysis'/exp/mj OR 'cost minimization analysis'/exp/mj OR 'cost control'/exp/mj OR 'cost utility analysis'/exp/mj

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