Monday, July 19, 2021

Psychometric properties - keywords and MeSH

The following was created for a routine (non-exhaustive) search:

("Psychometrics"[Mesh] OR psychometric* OR valid* OR reliab* OR responsiv* OR interpretab* OR “measurement error*” OR “error of measurement*” OR “errors of measurement*” OR consistency OR “factor analys*” OR “factor structure” OR “item analys*” OR “item response” OR “item functioning” OR “component analys*” OR “measurement invariance” OR “test construction” OR sensitivity OR specificity OR “statistical rotation” OR “oblique rotation” OR “orthogonal rotation” OR “varimax rotation” OR “split half” OR “test retest” OR interrater OR “inter rater” OR intrarater OR “intra rater” OR “known groups technique” OR stability OR equivalence OR “intraclass correlation coefficient*” OR “intra-class correlation coefficient*” OR icc OR kappa OR “coefficient of correlation” OR “coefficients of correlation” OR “correlation coefficient*” OR “pearson product moment” OR “spearman rho” OR “minimal detectable difference” OR “minimal detectable change”) 

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